perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

-Swap with Geneviève
Calendar days 6 and 7

Hi everybody! 
Now I am going to show you what lovely, 
great and the most wonderful gifts I received from all the way from France. 
Geneviève and me swapped a x-mas calendar gifts on days 6th and 7th.
Oh my...opening the first gift was very exciting!
I am lucky that I have my Rauha and Ilona helping me...
-Look Rauha! What a beautiful bag! And it is full of books!
-Oh, all so pretty! But look at my new notebook and x-mas card!
-And Ilona...what you say about this?!
I say that this a treasure!
I haven't ever seen so small and tiny stitches!
!Dear readers, enlarge the photo to have closer look by 'click'n on pic!
That was day 6. 
Thank you Geneviève for the first part of joy!
Today was the turn of the day 7.
-ILONA! Come to see!!! Here is an other needlework!
Oh, I love stitching...
Ilona, come and help me to search our threads!
-They are where you put them last time you stitched.
 And, I don't have time now!
Geneviève sent me a shoulder bag and maps of Paris.
 I am going to Paris! Au revoir!
genny 7
-You leaving now? Should you sleep over night first?
-No need, I sleep on the way. I take my new pillow with me.
Rauha organized Geneviève's x-mas cards on the shelf.
She is thinking about Geneviève, Nina and Lucie with warm thoughts.
Rauha is watching her calendar gifts and she is feeling very happy and over whelmed.
Just...hmm, is Ilona really going to spend her season holidays in Paris? 
Will see...

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I love the story you wrote with the gifts. The pictures are great. I'm happy both our girls are happy with their gifts and not jealous of each other.
    By the way I love Rauha jumper.

  2. Fantastic post :) Your swap gifts are gorgeous. Congratulations to both for the wonderful swaps.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Wonderful gifts from Genevieve! Her needlepoint is amazing!!! Your story is so, so fun, Piikko! You made me giggle--super cute! xo Jennifer

  4. It is many lovely gifts you have received. Yes the needlepoint is very beautiful. Fun story.


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