sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

DAYS 10-14 from MINNA, MONA and TUIKKU

Hello everybody!
How are you? I hope you all are well and healthy. 
 I've been away for a whole week and I think I have so much to catch up.
There is only about a week to go before holidays!
Are your season holiday preparations all done?
Have you already started to enjoy the lovely quality time
 in your season decorated and tidy home?
 I am sure that you all are relaxing, having good time 
and just setting lights to the candles.
You are feeling  so cozy with warm drink in your hand and woollen socks on your feet.
Beautifully wrapped little gifts are waiting ready under the tree...
Snowflakes outside are so light and pretty. 
Children are playing and smiling.
Chocolate and chips are healthy food.
Life is like a dream!
 I must admit that I still have some things to do for the holiday.
Let me think...where should I start? What do I still have to do? Hmmm...
No more or less...but everything!
Fortunately my everything is not much and
 I decided to start my seasonal quality time in my non decorated home 
I start it  by turning on the MUSIC and 
showing you what I have wrapped out from my x-mas calendar during last week.
-DAY 10-
Minnan kanssa vaihdettiin 10. päivän luukku.
 Minä sain paketistani 'vanhan' oven hakoineen päivineen.  
Ovikoristeeksi Minna oli vielä laittanut kauniin kukkakranssin.
-DAYS 11 and 12-
from MONA!♥ 
Mona and I swapped two 'doors'.
I received a boxfull of beautiful gifts 
from all the way from Norway.
-DAY 12-
 Now, I must ask you to enlarge the photo 
to see better that little pencil in the front.
 There is a eraser on the other end of it!
Surely Rauha can write and draw with it to those 
drawing and writing books which also were in the 'door'.
And yes..there was a rocking horse too. 
Now Ilona is dreaming to be a child again....
-DAY 11-
Mona had made a X-mas stocking and a card holder for me.
 There was also a tiny envelope..with my name on it!
AND some extras!!!
Mona is so sweet! 
She sent presents to Rauha and Ilona too.
-DAYS 13 and 14-
TUIKUlla ja minulla oli myös sovittuna kahden luukun vaihto.
Tuikun yllätykset pikkukortteineen näyttävät niin söpöiltä!
Luukkuun 13 Tuikku oli pyöräyttänyt lime-piiraan, 
vaalean punaiset mukit ja liinan.
14. luukusta löysin maatuskan, tuohikorin ja saunan lämpömittarin.
 And now..
I am going to wear my woollen socks 
and go to the sofa with a soft blanket. 
There I'll have a nice cup of tea.
Feeling cozy and merry...
You do the same!
-Have a great weekend-

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  1. Hi Piikko! I'm glad to hear that you are having fun already! Congratulations on all of your amazing gifts--wow!!! That makes the holiday season fun too! xo Jennifer

  2. Lovely painterly cozy Christmas scene you got up in my inner eye. So many lovely gifts, congratulations with them. fantastic fine Christmas stocking, crawl gnomes and little Christmas calendar. Have fun with your lovely gifts.

  3. Ihanuuksia olet löytänyt paketeista!
    You have found some wonderful things from your parcels!

  4. Täällä viimeisiä lahjoja paketoin ja sitten voikin nauttia niistä "rauhallisista" hetkistä ennen lomaa. Aloitan lomani jo perjantaina ja pääsen poikien joulujuhlaa katsomaan. Kiitos joulukalenterivaihdosta sinulle ja oikein mukavaa joulua!

  5. Very nice and all of you are so talented to make so Xmas minis!!!! I am wondering what is coming for the next week... Have a nice days Ladies! doei, claude ( I have seen the -8 for the forecast bbbrrrr it is cold over your place dear Pikko...)

  6. Hi Piikko,
    You have recieved so many wonderful gifts, they are all fantastic!! I adore the beautiful scene with Ilona and Peace holding the stars, it's so beautiful!!
    Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  7. Hi Piikko :) Your swap gifts are all wonderful congratulations to you all. Enjoy all these beautiful treasures. I hope you had a wonderful trip. Enjoy your nice cosy socks with your tea ;)
    Hugs my lovely friend.

  8. Enjoy all your fantasic gifts!!

  9. Hi Piikko, enjoy all those wonderful gifts and swaps :D!! Enjoy your tea with the cozy socks (on your feet of course, not the tea ;))!
    Hugs, Ilona


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