keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

About the Midsummer - Keskikesästä

It is amazing! At first we have a loooong winter.
After that we get to the spring  and
 soon we find out that we are in the middle of the summer.
Where is the end of spring or beginning of the summer? 
I'm just asking?!

Any way, the Mid summer fest is now over.
We spent it at country side in the most summery weather and feelings.
 As every Summer fest we flied the flag and let it fly all night and the following day.
My mum has decorated the sauna with birch branches. She also made birch bunches for us.
There was such a beautiful scent in the sauna.
I made bunches for Rauha and Ilona so they can warm up and clean their skin with them.
So relaxing!
In the evening we also made a little bonfire as we always do.
This time we got a bit more excitement than usually.
Day before there was a snake(!) seen in the heap.
As every Mid summer fest we enjoyed our time together.
Here is granny giving her quality time to her granddaughter...with wellies.
Because of the snake!
Who 'run' away or..(?)
Some how frying came to mind now.
You know...there is no mid summer fest without pancakes...or crepes.
How ever you want call them you must know they are
 5 dl milk, 2 eggs, 3 dl wheat flour, 3 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp salt... times 2 or 3.
Mix all, leave dough for about half an hour and 
fry thin pancakes with butter in the hot pan... or two.
with sugar, jam, vanilla sauce, cream or ice cream.
   The mid summer night was warm and gentle.
We stayed up with the mid night Sun, of course, all night long. Well, almost...
And we enjoyed  the mid summer days at the cottage from the bottom of our hearts. 


 It will be autumn in no time,
but let's have our summer holidays before that! Okay?! :D

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  1. Ihana kesä on näköjään sielläkinpäin,kuten myös täällä! Söpö pieni suomenlippu & letut nam...

    1. Kiitos Tarja, mummin mökillä on aina niin mukavaa. ♥
      Suomenlippu on kirjaimellisesti 'omasta' tehtaasta. ;)
      Letut olen ostanut markkinoilta ja
      mansikkahillo purkki on Saaran tekemä. (
      Kesäterkkuja! :)

  2. I love crepes. Your mini crepes are fantastic.
    Greetings, Faby

    1. Thank you Fabiola! ♥ I bought mini crepes at the fair a long time ago. Strawberry jam is made by Saara. I also think they are fantastic.. and they look so real.
      Summer greetings! :)

  3. Midsummer should not be celebrated because it is so sad that we are now heading towards shorter days. I can not understand where time becomes of.
    Delicious pancakes, both the large and small one.

  4. Hello Piikko! Thank you for sharing the way you celebrated Midsummer and the great pictures :D! That snake, it was too hot for him/her, I guess :D! Very wise to wear the wellies just in case never know!
    Your peony is gorgeous, mine was completely rained out. First there was drought and after that we had a few weeks rainy weather so I couldn't enjoy the bloom of my favorite flowers, such a pity! Maybe next year?
    The mini pancakes are fantastic, beautiful work of Saara!
    Enjoy your beautiful weather and holidays :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. I love coming here to read your summer posts :). In many of them, I feel like I am spending the days with you :)

  6. OOOh yes, but I will run away if there's a snake in the heap too. I agree with Ilona on those wellies.

  7. Hi! How nice and interesting to read about your country! ...and the pancakes!!!! :)

  8. Happy summer Piikko!! It looks like you've had a wonderful time in the countryside with your family. Your photos are all so beautiful!! Big hugs xxx Vicky xxx

  9. Thank you Piikko for sharing your wonderful day with us. I love pancakes and yours look delicious. The mini ones are fantastic. A snake how cool lol. Enjoy your summer :)
    Hugs Maria

  10. Thank you, we have sun today, it has not rained in Copenhagen today. So thank you. Piiko, smiling.

  11. Wonderful post, Piikko! Your mini crepes are so adorable--beautiful work. It looks like you had a wonderful mid-summer festival with your family. Enjoy the rest of the summer! xo Jennifer

  12. It's a beautiful post to welcome summer!!! Your mini crepes looks delicious!! I wish you happy holidays and a big big big hug

  13. Thank you for this great post! It is interesting to know that you celebrate the arrival of summer. In my region nothing like this, maybe because summer is more important for you than for us.
    You have a sauna, that makes me dream, I dixcovered the sauna when I was in Scotland.
    Enjoy summer!


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