lauantai 1. kesäkuuta 2013

Aurinkoiset terveiset -Sunny greetings

where ever you are,  all over the world, close and far, 
I want to tell you that
the summer has came to me!
And to Finland... 
I read from the paper that in Italy it was snowing at the same time
 as our reindeer were suffering the hot weather in Lapland.
I hope Santa is not considering to move his rides 
to the southern countries for cooler conditions. :D

When the Sun is shining during daytime 
it often leads to long warm, light and enjoyable evenings.
So, I apologize if you haven't seen me around or leaving comments so often.
I have been enjoying my life outside.
But I have been thinking about You and here comes my
Ilona is helping me to water my geraniums.
Isn't that a gorgeous blue color in my flower bench?
And the apple flowers at my mum's. Beautiful!
As I said I don't want to waste a minute off this sweet weather.
So, I set my mini factory by our front door.
 I made a market table for one project of mine. (More about the project is coming later...)
Last Sunday The Dollhouse Friends had a last club meeting before the summer holidays..
We made juicer kettles so they are ready for next autumn.
And ate a delicious rhubarb pie that Minna had baked for us.
Kiitos Ystävät!

These were my latest news and now....
With my warmest thoughts I wish you all
the most beautiful days!
 It is JUNE now,

Lämpimin ajatuksin toivotan teille kaikille 
kauniita kesäpäiviä!

14 kommenttia:

  1. Nautitaan.. :)
    Niin kauniita kukia sinulla ja Ilonalla, taidatte olla oikeita Viherpeukaloita!

  2. Hi :D
    It is really good to know that the sun did not got lost completely as it is obviously shining very beautifully in your country!
    I like your market table and its red color very much and the juice kettle is really cool!!! Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post and photos! They make me dream... Keep enjoying the sun and being outside.

  3. Summer! You're very lucky!!
    Greetings, Faby (from a cold Italy)

  4. Sweet front page. I love your little porch, so sweet and cozy. Here you must be able to think many creative thoughts. It is important to enjoy the sun when it is there.
    We also have lovely weather in Denmark and I enjoy it. When I'm finished writing to you, I have to eat food from the grill and drink cool white wine and sit on my terrace.

  5. Que bien poder aprovechar el sol y el buen tiempo,disfrutar de las flres del jardín!!!! Tu banco me gusta mucho y ese porche es precioso!!!!!

  6. Enjoy your sunshine :) It is lovely here at the moment also. Your pictures are all beautiful. I love your market table and juice kettle.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Summer greetings, Piikko! Soak up as many rays as you can, and enjoy every moment. Your photos are gorgeous. xo Jennifer

  8. Hi Piikko, now I know where the sun is.....!!!! She is at your place to give to you all her warmth, enjoy it! Your miniatures are so fantastic, I really like the juice kettle.
    Here it its rather chilly, not to say it is too cold for this time of the year and too dry. In Germany is too much rain, we haven´t had enough yet!
    Enjoy the sun, the outdoor life and the good weather, my friend! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, your RL flowers are great.
    Hugs, (the other ;)) Ilona

  9. Привет!
    Так приятно, что наступило тепло! Я очень люблю теплое время. Какие прекрасные цветы растут у Вас! Спасибо за чудесные фотографии!

  10. Ihanaa kesäistä viikkoa myös sinulle!

  11. superbes photos au parfum d'été ! Quelle chance !
    Ici, il fait frais les matins et les soirs, la température est correcte mais pas encore chaude dans la journée ! Profitez de votre joli porche !
    Bisous. rosethé

  12. Ihania kesäkuvia ja nuo edellisen postauksen voikukkaseppeleet, huoh!

  13. Que precioso porche y ese magnifico banco me encanta.
    Disfruta de esas flores y de la primavera.
    besitos ascension


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