perjantai 22. marraskuuta 2013

-November of DH-Friends and
my latest updates
-NukkisYstävien marraskuu ja vähän juttuja

MOI! Mitäs kuuluu?
HOLA! Que tal?
HI! How  are you?

Hello everybody!
I'm still here..though I've been a bit out of order lately.
Nothing bad or sad but..
rain-rain-rain and dark-dark-dark.
This photo is from my late afternoon walk last week.
I am already in lack of the Sun and the winter haven't even started.

Also my camera is still broken so I am going with my handy.

Last Sunday we had a quite a storm around here. 
In center of Finland many people were without electricity.
Roads went damaged and trains were stuck because of fallen trees.
My sister got her Sunday morning coffee after 
they first checking out their camping equipments. :D
 Of course the storm 'Eino' was just a little wind if compering to Philippines. :(
But we got remain about power of the nature.

NukkisYstävät spent nice and cozy afternoon at the meeting.
We had electricity, coffee, tea and Anne's The Best Mudcake ever.
We also had felts and needles.
 And Maria's book...obviously. :)

 Maria's book has a nice tutorial for making a teddy bear.
Most of us were needle felting for the first time now but
in the end we finished many cute teddies.

Me and my sister made our own tutorial.
We made chicken.
I also made one guinea piggie. :D
Tell me...what chicken says in English, Spanish, French... ?

Now, it is Friday and I am feeling a bit brighter.
And why is that?
Yesterday the snow was finally arrived! is already gone with a rain but never mind...
 Let's have a

18 kommenttia:

  1. I could be totally envious of your cat, I would wish I could be so relaxed.
    It is a very fine chicks you your sister has made​​.
    I understand you like snow, so I wish you lots of snow and you do not have to send some to Denmark.
    Hugs and good weekend.

  2. Hi Piikko! How great to hear from you again D! If I understand you well: you also love snow?? Just like me?? That's great :D!!! Oh, please, send some snow into our direction, but not through Denmark and Germany, because of Wyrna and poor Birgit, who really hates shovelling snow ;) how can I get some fresh snow now? That's my problem now, huh LOL?
    How cosy to do some needle felting work with mini friends, your chickens are wonderful and that baby guinea adorable! I think I ever want to learn that technique, I have never done this before.
    I wish you a fantastic weekend, Piikko. Hugs, Ilona

  3. Dearest Wyrna and Ilona,
    In February I will give you all the snow from Finland if you wish. :D
    I also do not like shoveling! But this time of the year Finland is just a dark hole without snow. That is why I wait for the snow. To get some lightness and brightness to my soul and body. ;))))
    Sweet, sweet greetings to you both! ♥

  4. Your needle-felting looks Wonderful! In English a chicken says "cluck cluck cluck" and the baby chick says "peep peep peep"!
    I LOVE your guinea pig!!!
    And your Cat knows how to spend the dark winter! I am not looking forward to snow... and I am not a dark night person... so I look forward to the Christmas lights to make me Merry!!!

    1. Dear friend, I also look forward to the X-mas lights.
      Why? Because they make me Merry!!! Ü
      Thanks for your visit and comment! ♥

  5. It's great to hear from you, Piikko! I like your needle felted guinea pig very much, and your chickens too. Chickens in the U.S. say "cluck, cluck, cluck"! Thank you for a very fun post! xo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, I remembered your guinea pigs while I was felting mine. :)
      Hugs, xo piikko

  6. Taidan ottaa oppia tuosta relaajasta. :) Ihana.

    1. Juu, kyllähän se tekee meille kaikille välillä hyvää hieman relata. :)
      Tämä kissa rassukka ikävöi niin kovin emäntäänsä, että olen joutunut käyttämään kahdesti lääkärissä ns. 'kovan vatsavaivan' vuoksi.
      Onneksi on muuten kunnossa ja voi kyllä...ihana. :)

  7. Lovely felted chicken, our chicken say "cluck, cluck, cluck" and they say it in Hebrew... just joking......
    I wish I could send you some of our lovely sunshine.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Drora dear, please tell me how chicken say in Hebrew!
      I love to know. :)
      I think that in Arabic they say 'bat-bat-baat'. :D
      Thank you for sending the sunshine to us. We got it today. :)
      Hugs, piikko

  8. Your needle-felting looks beautiful.
    I like the photo with your cat.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. Wonderful needle felting I would love to try this :))) Cats sure can teach us a thing or 2 about relaxing lol. Here in Ireland chicks also say "cluck cluck cluck" gosh that must mean chickens have a universal language hehe clever things : D
    Hugs Maria

  10. Superbe travail d'aiguille ! Je crois que les poulets ont un langage universel : cot cot cot ... La neige a fait une brève apparition chez moi, je l'aime, mais en montagne pas du tout en ville. La lumière et la chaleur me manquent déjà !
    Bonne journée ! rosethé

  11. You've made more great miniatures with your friends. In France a hen says "cot cot cot codet".
    In France we have had a lot of grey weather, cold and in some parts a lot of snow but I'm glad not in Orléans. However the weather seems better than in your country. Today it was almost sunny so I took the opportunity to take some photos of miniatures.
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  12. Maria, Rosethé and Geneviève, you sweet hearts!
    Today we got snow and whole world turned white. We also had some sun shine. (Thanks to Drora who sent us some.) At afternoon I went for a walk and when I got back home it was dark already. :(
    But you make me smile.. "cot cot cot codet", cot cot cot, "cluck cluck cluck"!
    Hugs to you all, piikko
    Kot-Kot-Kot-Kooot! :D

  13. Hola Piikko
    Has hecho un fantastico trabajo, me encanta todos tus trabajos de fieltro, genial!!!
    Aqui hace un frio horroroso, seguro que estas Navidades seran blancas.
    besitos ascension


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