tiistai 2. syyskuuta 2014

-The Redraw - Uusinta arvonta

HI everybody!
How are you? I hope you are all well and happy!
I am doing fine. Just a bit busy...
Well, to tell you a truth... I am not busy. 
But there are many 'I should do' things waiting for me.
I feel very busy if I even think about all those things.
I do not want to feel busy! I do not want to think about those duties!
That is why I didn't come home straight away from work today.
I went to my sister's.
I don't need a reason to visit my sister's but this time I had one.
I needed an innocent child to make 
redraw of my Housewarming giveaway.
(The first winner didn't show up.)
But guess what happened!?
I couldn't find any little children in the house!
I can't understand... 
He was there just a while ago wearing diapers! 
But instead of an innocent child
  I found an honest and handsome young man 
who was more than happy to make the redraw.
This time the names were mixed in my sister's lantern.
The winner's name was pulled out in no time.
The winner of my House warming giveaway is 
Hannah, please send your contacts to my email  
Thanks and hugs to the auntie's little darling for the help.
I'll bring you a price (shaver perhaps?) next time I come see you. I promise!
I wish the very best rest of the week to everybody!
PS. If I don't hear from the winner before Sunday 7.9.14 I'll make the draw again.

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  1. That was very unfortunate for the first name drawn but how Wonderful for Hannah! She had her name drawn by a very handsome young man too! A Double bonus! :D
    Congratulations to Hannah!

    and by the way, I LOVE your banner!

  2. Congratulations to Hannah for winning your giveaway, enjoy!!
    It is a pity that the first winner didn't show up, but I do fully understand your decision :)!
    Oh Piikko, I had to laugh hard about your story for looking an innocent child and finding this cheerful young lad :D LOL!! A shaver.....poor guy ;)!
    You made my day!! Have a nice week too!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Hannah: Congratulations for winning this beautiful giveaway!

  4. Wow! I was thinking of this blog yesterday, but didn't had time to read, and now Kikka told me the good news, what a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much, I'm sending you an email right now =)

  5. Felicidades a Hannah y gracias por este sorteo. Besos

  6. Congratulations, Hannah!!! Very lucky the other didn't show up! ;-) Thanks again for the fantastic chance! xo Jennifer

  7. Congratulations to Hannah!!! Some bad luck of some make the good luck of others.
    I enjoy your story about your nephew, that's how I feel when Isee some pupils I had some years ago.

  8. Congratulations to Hannah!!!, she is a very lucky girl :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  9. Congratulations to Hannah on winning your wonderful prize.
    Hugs Maria


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