maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

-NukkisYstävien kerhopäivä
-DH-Friends club day

In the past days the environment has changed to green.
I think this is the best time of the year.
After the winter (that we hardly had this year) 
I really enjoy these warm and light days.

I am still working on Rauha's house.
The bedroom and living room are almost ready but the kitchen...
Oh, my..still so many things to do.
Yesterday our Dollhouse clubbers met at the season's last meeting.
Just like every spring before this happened to be
the first really warm day of the spring.
Also, there was a FINLAND-USA  ice hockey game at same time on telly.
Our team didn't succeed in ice hockey 
but we 'shrinked people' got quite nice results at our meeting.
 We made treasure chests 
 with a help of a very talented carpenter Aulis.
Well, of course he would not manage so well without our advices. ;)
 And here are the results.
 The white trunk is my sister's.
 I painted mine with the color of the day... Green!
Rauha's trunk have seen some years. But it is not antique yet! 
She will keep her treasures in the trunk.
I think she will show them to you later.
Yes, yesterday we had a warm Sunday.
I went for a walk with Neko.
We picked up some dandelions for Turtle.
Turtle is enjoying his lunch!
Neko is checking turtles's table manners. :D
This week I continue building Rauha's home.
Though we are having a really warm weather.
Today Finland was the most warmest country in Europe.
My thermometer showed +31 degrees!!!

11 kommenttia:

  1. ¡Hola Piikko!! ♥
    Que baúles más bonitos!!
    Un abrazo

  2. Hi Piikko! So glad to read that you also enjoys the beautiful weather :D!
    I think it would be so nice to visit a mini club and to learn to make things in miniature. I wish I could do this too, but there is no club in my region, as far as I know....
    Your treasure chest is painted in a lovely color, I like it very much!
    Neko seems to be good friends with Turtle, so nice to see that picture ;)!
    Enjoy your warm weather, we have the same hot weather over here and I am not very happy with it: pollen season opened with lots and lots of pollen and despite of my medication, I will have to stay inside. Ah well, now we can make something in miniature, isn't it ;)?! I still have a lot to do, so my coffee mug is empty and I am going back to work.
    I wish you lovely and sunny days :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. No voihan kökkö, mistä jäinkään paitsi :-( Onneksi Hesassa oli sentään Zivago. :-)

  4. Niin ja noi teidän kirstut on HIENOJA!

  5. Your chest is wonderful and I like the color.

  6. Me gusta mucho el baúl y el color verde que has escogido queda ideal con el rosa de la habitación. Disfruta mucho de esa temperatura tan agradable. Un saludo, Eva

  7. Hello Piikko,
    This is a wonderful time of year and I am happy to hear you are having nice weather. The treasure chests are fantastic. I love the green color you chose. Very Shabby Chic! I love the picture of Neko and the turtle. It's nice for Neko to be in charge ;-)

  8. We seem to have lost our lovely spring weather and are now having plenty of rain :( The chests are beautiful. I love your green colour it is very pretty. I am sure peace loves it. It looks like Neko likes to be included in everything lol.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Fun post, Piikko! I'm glad you have sunshine and green. The treasure chests are beautiful, and Neko is a very cute and curious cat! :-) xo Jennifer

  10. You always wonderful miniatures with your club. 31° C in Finland, incredible! Well, here we had a wbeautiful weekend and a hot Monday, but not as hot as in your country. But yesterday and today a lot of rain and thundrestorms.


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