tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2012

The parallel universum? - Rinnakkaismaailma?

Last Saturday in my 1:1 life I was having a lovely time with my daughter at my mum's cottage. 
Of course we had the mission of looking after the chickens
but I think we succeeded with them rather well. 
We had our little cat Neko with us. The life in the country side was very exciting to him. 
He was running and making acrobatic movements just before he put his breaks on. 
Oh my, it was amusing to watch. Well, maybe a bit annoying too after many hours... 
Anyway, I think that at the cottage Neko saw or heard something what we couldn't....
Hmmm... I do not know...
In the evening I had a strange feeling while I was setting fire to fireplace.
I felt that there is something going on just near by...
Did I hear something...perhaps singing or talking...
I am not sure...
When I put our sausages to burn..I mean fry,
Neko also looked around like there was somebody in the room...
No, but it can not be..cats are hearing things. Aren't they?

  But still..
who says we are alone on the planet?
Maybe out there....or in our cottage is 
The parallel universum!?
Or maybe..
perhaps I just have a kind of mini reality series going on inside my head. :D
What do you think?

Thank you dears, for all comments to my previous post!
You made my day!

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  1. Hi Piikko!! What a lovely story, write it on and make some miniatures afterwards when you're back home :D!! Perhaps the kitten heard a little gnome, who is sneaking around there????
    I really love this fire place with the white tiles (the one in real life), but of course your miniature fire place too. I can smell the saucages frying :D!!
    Have a great day too (mine was one with bad luck until now: I broke some things while cleaning up the house :)), greetings, Ilona

  2. Kylläpä taas hauska kertomus! Pönttöuuni kuuluu nukkekotien perusvarustukseen, joten oli tyttöjenkin aika saada sellainen ihanaa lämpöä tuomaan

  3. Your parallel universe is really fun, Piikko! Another cute story from you! xo Jennifer

  4. Lovely story.
    I like the cat.
    Kiss Faby

  5. I love your stories Piikko!! Do you think perhaps you heard some fairies and Neko heard them too ? ? :)
    Your photos are beautiful and so fun!!
    hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  6. very nice story! Your cats are beautiful.... the miniature cat and the real cat!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!! It is so Wonderfully Magical.... and your little people are having such fun in the Real World!!! As for your kitten.... (both kittens!) he is Adorable!!!

  8. Ihana kuvitus pönttöuunista ja sen lämmityksestä :O)

  9. I love your post. The parallel between the real scene and the miniature one is fantastic and so well done. Maybe there is a gnome, they seem to live in the countryside.
    How great to be able to fry sausages like this!

  10. Your cat is so cute!!
    Your miniatures are fantastic. Love this magical story!

  11. Hi Piikko, what a lovely story so full of fantasy, I love that !!
    Your fire place looks beautiful, but little Neko is the sweetest mini :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  12. Upea pönttöuuni, ja hauska tarina. Kyllä näissä minikodeissa ihan varmasti tapahtuu yhtä ja toista silloin kun me isot emme ole näkemässä ;)


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