sunnuntai 21. helmikuuta 2016

-Tampereen terkut!
-Greetings from Tampere!

Greetings from Tampere and from Verkaranta.
Today was the grand opening of 
the Miniature exhipiton 'Elämää pienoiskoossa', 'Miniature life'.

Well, with bit of a bitter mind I tell you I wasn't able to visit the show today.
I'm sure that everyone else were there. But not me!
Okay, I will soon make a new trip to Tampere and
 then I'll see all the beautiful houses, apartments and the complete show.

This Saturday my sister and I drove to Tampere  
because I had to take Edith's studio to the showroom.
The show wasn't all ready by the time we were there.
But we already realized that this exhibition will be
 a huge success.
Edith's living room is now set in it's place. 
Can you find it?
Edith's kitchen at the down left.
And the loo.
Translation summary:
 "In the exhibition there are three block of flats. 
There are 30 apartments, stores etc.. 
Each space has been made by a different miniaturist.
The house's imaginary building year is set in the 1920s,
thus you can see different eras and decoration styles in there."
There's also 35 individual houses with yards.
I'll tell you more about these houses after my next visit to the show.
I can't wait to see the finished street!
 Many people with a great miniature passion are needed
to create this kind of big exhibition.
I had an easy part. I was only responsible for Edith's studio.
I can feel in my heart and bones 
how hard the volunteers were working 
for days, weeks and even months on this project.
Now, I think it's their time to have a nice rest and enjoy the results.
After I left Edith's studio in the showroom
 I went for the afternoon coffee with my sister.
Oh, so relaxing!

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  1. Que sábado tan fantástico!!! Las exposiciones se ven maravillosas,seguro que tendrán mucho éxito!!!

  2. WOOOOOW, a WHOLE street full of 35 houses with yards AND 3 blocks of flats with 30, there's so much to see! Oh, if I could go to Tampere for seeing it all, how nice would that be, Piikko :D!
    I bet it will be a huge success for you all, I'm sure of!!
    And the coffee.....well, it's well deserved, huh ;)!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Kylläpä on upea näyttely. Muuten, tuntuu, että nukkekotinäyttelyjä on tällä hetkellä esillä vähän siellä sun täällä. Hienoa, että tämä harrastus saa näkyvyyttä.

  4. So many apartment rooms and cute little houses! :)

    What a lovely project. :)

  5. Siis aivan mielettömän hienoja! Kiitos kuvista :) Voi kun pääsisi livenä katsomaan...

  6. Kerrostalokuvat ovat upeita. Edithin olohuone ja keittiö näyttävät hyvin viihtyisiltä.

  7. Wow what an amazing project. I would love to see it. Brilliant miniature work by a lot of talented people congratulations to you all. Well deserved yummy coffee :-)
    Hugs Maria

  8. I wish I could go to the show and see the blocks of flats. It is such a fantastic project. YOu must be very glad and proud to have Edith's studio at the show.


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