sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2015

-Valoa pimeyteen
-Light to the darkness

Hi there my dear friend!
It is November. My Dullember. 
Dark, wet, dark, dark.
This morning we've got a tiny promise for the first snow. 
But no. It started to rain. 
So, no snow and no light.
This darkness of the nature is making me very sad.
Terrifying news from Paris and from the world are crushing.
I really wish lighter and better days for us all. 
Today I want to greet all my friends all over the world.
Thank you for your support
and for all lovely comments to my previous posts.
 Your friendship is giving me a lot of joy and happiness.
to everybody!
To cheer my weekend I made a new candle holder to Edits'.
I found tutorial for it from Maria's book.

6 kommenttia:

  1. Your frindship is precious to me.

  2. Hi Pikko! I understand your sadness because of the cruel things which happened in France last weekend and also because of the darkness in the Scandinavian winter period. You all up there in the dark North will be longing for some (day)light.
    But know that there are still wonderful blog friends out there, who enjoy reading your blog, your humor and will cheer you up ;)!
    Your newest candle holder is wonderful, it's good that you enjoy making new miniatures, dear friend :D!
    Here, in The Netherlands, we also have lots of darker days now.
    Warm hugs to you, Ilona

  3. Your candle holder is beautiful. You might not have much light where you live but your posts light up my life. In these dark days of tragedy the light of blog friendships shines bright.
    Warm Hugs Maria

  4. Yes, it is getting dark here too, although I am not as far North as you! It is the season we must turn inward and find the warmth and strength within. The lights are So important to me at this time of the year! And the knowledge that there are other wonderful people out there in the world that also love to make minis and share them on their blog! It is a gift, this sharing.... your little light shines brighter in my world too!

  5. Adorable candle holder, Piikko!


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