torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

-Johan oli markkinat!
-It was quite a market!

 In November our mini clubbers built the miniature exhibition
for the Handy Craft Museum's Window gallery. 
Have I mention that before? Nooo!  :D Many times??? Nooo! :D
 Well, please try to understand.
There aren't many things happening in my every day life. :D

The exhibition has been a lot of fun. And making it was even more. :D :D
In my previous post I showed you the scene of the chicken's ski jumping.
My friend Anne and I spent an evening to felt the chicken for it.
We had no plans when we started but during the evening, believe me... We had a laugh!

Thank you everyone for your cheerful comments on that post!
I'm happy to hear that our joy of making this scene came through to you.

In a few days it will be the time to say good bye to the exhibition.
But before my Artturi will leave the building 
he'll show you around in his stall (as I have promised).
'Hello dear, have a basket and come in to see my hand made crafts.'
'I have made birdhouses and feeders.
I have food for the little birds too.'
The customer, young lady Hilla, is looking things Artturi has made.
(I think she is going to buy one root brush.)
Hilla is also looking other domestic things Artturi is selling
but she doesn't need those this time.
 She promises to come back later.
 She promises to come back later.
And she did so. :)
(In matter of fact she stayed in the stall for the whole exhibition. :D)

On the next Monday morning Artturi will say:
Bye-bye! See you later!
Thanks for stopping by. :)
Take care!

After the hectic winter market Artturi will go home and have a well deserved holiday.
On his holiday he might go skiing. 
Or perhaps he'll have a nordic walk with his new puppy Papi.
Papi has just arrived to Artturi's from Maija's kennel.
 Let's see what kind of adventures those two pals will end up.
Artturi and Papi are giving their warmest greetings to Maija.


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  1. What a wonderful market stall filled with lovely goods, Artturi is a fantastic, friendly merchant ;)! I think his customer will come back just in time to see his friendly face again :D! It looks like he and his new puppy enjoy each others company, the pup is wonderful.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. What a fun market stall! I love all of Artturi's creations. The dog is adorable! xo Jennifer

  3. Your market stall is really great and I love all the details in it. Now I'm looking forward to seeing and reading Artturi's stories with his new dog.

  4. Artturi i Papi are very lovable couple! you did stunning market,
    I have long watched with curiosity all bits and pieces, I look around as in real booth, I love these markets!! :-)
    have a nice weekend!

  5. Oiiii, ihana Artturi ja ihana Papi <3 ovat loistava pari ;)

  6. Un puesto de venta con unos detalles muy bonitos. Un saludo, Eva

  7. I love it! Your market has a lot of details! A big hug.

  8. I love your market stall. Wonderful details I would be very tempted to buy at this stall with such a lovely friendly seller :) Beautiful pup I cant wait to hear about their adventures.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Замечательная история! И прекрасные мини! Мне нравятся ваши куклы. !

  10. Ihana myyntikoju huippuhienoine yksityiskohineen ja Artturi kumppaneineen :)


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