sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014


I have always said that Tuesdays aren't my days.
And certainly Novembers aren't my months either!
 I am tired, sad, mad and bored.
There is many things I should do but.. Plaah!
I can only see the darkness outside and it makes me feel dull.

Anyways, this morning I felt different.
I was wondering what's going on. What's up?
Suddenly I realized:
The sun was shining!
 Right  away I got up, wore my outdoors clothes and left for a walk.
 I planned to walk to the city center and check our Window.
 The world seemed to be sugar powdered. 
Unfortunately I couldn't catch that to a photo.
But here you can see how the lake already has a light ice cover.
 On my way to the center I popped in
the x-mas fair to see what's up in there this year.
I found my favourite stall and 
I ate rice porridge and met Santa Claus(!).
And I came out from the fair without buys!!!
There were a lot of people at the fair and on the streets. 
I wasn't the only one who decided to go out today.
Then I walked to the city center to see our Show.
From far away I could see many people looking at our work.
When I got closer I could hear what they were saying.
'Oh, look at this!' 'Did you see that?' 
'How in the earth are these made!'
'I wouldn't have patience to make these kind of things.' 
'This is like a x-mas card!'
People were watching our work. And they smiled!
I was happy!
About three o'clock I was walking back home.
The sun was already going down.
I was cheered up!

Tomorrow it'll be the 1st of December.
The fun begins.
I can open the first gift from my mini x-mas calendar!

So, that what's up in my life.
Now, I say bye-bye to Dullember and
sweet welcome to December.


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  1. Ikkuna on maailman ihanin. ♥ Harmitti, kun oli niin paljon tekemistä että jäin tyystin kelkasta (kirjaimellisesti, hah), mutta kun kävin ekaa kertaa siinä ikkunalla notkumassa, en voinut kuin hymyillä korvasta korvaan. On se niin hieno ja olen minä niiiiiiiin ylpeä meidän kerhosta!! :)

    1. Niinpä! :) Olet kuitenkin ollut 'hengessä' mukana. Me tiedettiin se koko ajan. ♥ Toivottavasti pääset pikkujoulu-kerhoon kinkunpaistoon!?

    2. Saattaa siellä jotain Lotan tekemiä minejä olla joukossa eli sillonhan olet konkreettisestikin mukana :-)

  2. Meilläkin asti paistoi vähän aikaa aurinko. Ei ihan noin upeasti, mutta hieno päivä pitkästä aikaa.

  3. What a nice post! I got the same feeling when I heard people commenting on my work at the exhibition. People always wonder at the patience the miniaturists have in making tiny versions of real sizes things.
    I hope your nice weather continues so you can enjoy more days like this one.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Olipa ihana kirjoitus. Tästä tuli niin hyvälle mielelle vielä illalla viimeiseksi :)

  5. What a lovely blog post, Piikko, I am so happy for you that today sun was shining and I can imagine me the joy you must have had about this feeling :D!
    We all need the sun for our moods and having a cheerful feeling, so I hope your nice weather will continue for awhile, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)!
    How nice to hear what the people were saying about your miniature work, I love to be incognito among people to hear what they really think ;O!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Your pictures are wonderful I love your lake :) We are also having some beautiful sun shine isn't amazing how much the sun can lift our spirits I hope you enjoy it a little longer. It must have been a lovely feeling hearing the lovely words about your work :))) Have a wonderful start to December.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Wonderful pictures of the sun, haven't seen it here for a long time.. =( But I hope it will come back now in December and bring some white shiny snow too =)
    The winter-scenes looks great too, make me what snow even more =)

  8. I'm so glad the sun came out to lift your spirits. You had such a wonderful day. And everyone got to enjoy your terrific work too. :)

  9. I'm glad the sun and a nice walk changed your mind concerning this season. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I knew people would be fascinated by the miniature display.
    Warm hugs

  10. Hello Piikko,
    December is certainly a more fun month than November!! I hope you will have some more days filled with sunshine and happy moments to lift your spirits. The sun always makes me feel better!! Sending you love and hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  11. Nice post, Piikko! The sun looks so beautiful in your photos, and it sounds like you had a really fun day! I'm so happy for you! xo Jennifer


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