maanantai 14. lokakuuta 2013

Thank you♥ Welcomes♥And Cottage greetings!

I want to THANK all of YOU
for your sweet, lovely and warm comments to my posts.
Thank you so much for your visits on my blog.
I really really really love to see you around!
to the all new followers!
And now I'll tell about my last weekend at country side...

As my daughter is now studying abroad
 I've got a huge responsibility for her cat.
 'Cause I wanted to stay over night my mum's so of course I took The Cat with me there.
And what did The Cat do in return? 
You don't probably want to know...but I'll tell you anyway!
He pooped in the car!!! :O
Well, it wasn't so bad how it might sound at first and 
we both ended to enjoy our weekend. :)

At cottage we had some autumn works to do...
 Like brushing down leaves from the cottage's roof.
While I was brushing on the roof my mum was raking a whole forest. 
Well, almost. ;D
 She also had to look after me and say every other second
'Just do not fall down from there now! Just don't fall... '
There was a quite a nice view from the roof to see.
The same view from the terrace the evening before.
Pretty, I say. But am I one to tell? :)

The weather forecast is promising sleeting and snowing for us in the end of this week.
Let's see if they are right.
 With these fall roses from my mum's garden
I wish you all a very happy autumn week!

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  1. Voi mitkä maisemat... mutta älä nyt vaan putoa!

    1. En pudonnu! Oli käytössä se äitien vahva henkinen side. Kyllä sillä yksi lapsi kerran katolla pysyy. :D

  2. Oooooh Piikko, can I come over to your Mum's roof to sit there and to look to this endless view ;)? Thank God your Mum was worried about you and she watched you while you were on the roof, that's quite dangerous work, although it has to be done.
    The Cat is unforgettable.......pooping in the car, the poor one!
    Welcome back! Have a great week!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Oh so beautiful scenery pictures, it is stunningly beautiful.

  4. Wow I love the view from your Mothers roof it is breathtaking. I cant blame your Mom for being worried I was also when I realized it was you :D Haha cats sure have a way of letting you know when they are not happy. Happy week to you.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Gracias por mostrarnos paisajes tan bellos, son increíbles!! Que hermoso que tuvo un hermoso fin de semana junto a su madre y que todo salio bien con el gatito. Un fuerte abrazo!!

  6. Que maravilloso paisaje se disfruta desde el tejado de la casa de tu madre!!! Así entre tan bello paisaje,seguro que el trabajo se hace mejor,que bueno que al final,a pesar del incidente en el coche con el gato de tu hijo disfrutarais del fin de semana!!!

  7. Beautiful photos, Piikko! I also really really really appreciate the comments you leave on my blog too! Thank you for your sweetness! xo Jennifer

  8. Thank you for your kind words, it's always a pleasure to see your posts.
    Your photos are beautiful, it must be lovely to spend a weekend there.

  9. I want to join Ilona on that roof, Piikko . You are sooooooooooooooo lucky to be living there! I promise I will sweep the roof for you! :)


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