keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2013

There is spring in the air! Kevättä ilmassa!

Hello everybody!
How are you?
Last time I wrote you we had had one sunny day here in middle of Finland.
Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments concerning our weather.
Do not worry...we will survive like we always do.
 At summertime we'll take this Sunless time back with nightless nights!
And must remember..we are not alone. 
Well, Finland there are not very many of us but any way. :D

Currently we are living a winter holiday season. 
Here in my hometown we have been lucky.
 We are having the most wonderful weather for outdoors activities.
It is not too cold, a few degrees around zero
AND  we have had three sunny days this week.
Oh my, what we gonna do with all this sun???
I got springy feelings and I made a little easter scene. 
Two baby chicken tweeting on grass in front of their house.
I also made a spring flower arrengement.
The flowers are suppose to look like Grape hyacinths. 
At least they are blue like the real ones. :D

Now, to you who are having your winter holiday 
and also to you who aren't...
Do not ever forget your afternoon naps!!!
 It is so relaxing!

Have a great rest of the week!

 Mukavaa loppulomaa keskisuomalaisille!

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  1. the little chicks and their house is soooo cute! My chickens have cabin fever and are anxiously awaiting spring too- but their house is not as cute as this- especially in winter :) Love your grape hyacinth and now I am thinking about a nap. hugs!!

  2. Hi Piikko, what you have to do with all the sun???? We haven't seen the sun for centuries: so send her to us, please.....thank you :DDD!
    Those little chickens are so adorable. I recognised the grape hyacinths immediately, fantastic work, Piikko.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Hi Piikko, Cute Easter scene you made. Oh, how fun it is to nap with a kitty. Does your kitty nap with you? Enjoy your sunshine and outdoor activities. xo Jennifer

  4. The easter scene is fantastic!!
    Ah you have all the sun. We didn't have sun. But I'm glad there is no more new snow! I think spring will come one day here too.
    Enjoy sunshine and relax in the sun!!!!

  5. Cats have a special ability to really relax. We could learn something. Very nice Easter scene, it's so nice to see all the yellow and green.


  6. Hi Piikko! What, THREE days of sun within only one week!!!?!!! I actually cannot remember how SUN looks like :D But it is good as you got in the mood for spring and made this fantastic Easter scene! It´s lovely, the little house with the roses painted on, the fluffy chicks and of course the grape hyacinths...and until real spring arrives I think it´s a good idea to nap like the cat!
    Hugs, Sandra
    P.S. this owl here on the branch it too cute!

  7. Привет!
    У нас уже 3 минуты, как наступила весна! Скоро и к вам придет весна!
    Замечательный домик с цыплятами!
    Мне нравится Ваш солнечный кот!

  8. Your Easter scene is beautiful. The house is so pretty. I love your grape hyacinths. Wow 3 days of Sun we only got 1 day lol but at least its not raining. Lol now it will probably rain tomorrow :D I wish I could take naps like cats :)
    Hugs Maria

  9. une jolie scènette ! Les poussins sont de vrais rayons de soleil !
    Ici, en Alsace (France) le soleil revient doucement, les températures sont encore négatives la nuit, mais un peu plus douces en journée. Mais plus de neige, elle était encore là, dimanche dernier.
    Bonne journée et plein de soleil ! rosethé-Minima

  10. Spring will come one day!!... Your spring miniatures are lovely, I think we are all waiting for spring so your miniatures are nice to see.

  11. Hello lovely Piikko,
    I'm so glad to hear that you have had 3 days of sunshine!!! I am wishing that you will have lots more!!
    I totally adore your little Easter scene!! It's so CUTE!! Your work always makes me feel happy :)
    Big hugs sweet friend ♥ Vicky ♥

  12. I am so glad you have good time in Finland, here in Spain it's cold and snowing, landscapes are beautiful in the snow, but just want to be home well protected. very nice your floral arrangement, a big kiss and happy spring! hugs

  13. Hi Piiko, love your blog! Going to browse your blog and read a few more posts! Please send some sunshine this way... i am done with winter! ;) hug AM

  14. O wow, 3 full days of sun! Bring out your bikinis, Piikko! It's only a few degrees around zero! I think you will need the suntan lotion too! teehee

    So cute, your creations! :):) And sunny , just like your weather ! ;p

  15. Hermosa escena de Pascua!!
    besitos ascension


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