perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

Vaiheessa..1:48, 1:12 ja 1:1.. On progress

Because I am happily on a holiday I have good time to work with my minis.
Of course I have 'a couple' of projects waiting for the better time 
but now I have started with my 1:48 house. 
I bought the kit for the house more than a year ago in London
I have never tried to build a house like that before (or any house :) ).
Winning the little cooker from Catherine's giveaway 
made me start with this house now.
Here is the beginning of the building process...
I could not resist... I had to try how the cooker fits the house.
Isn't it?!
I have also started with my pink 1:12 dollhouse.
I got this house as a present from Maru last x-mas.
I have been doing plans for it since then.
Now I have decided to make a flower shop downstairs.
I figured that the shop should have an own entry.
So I marked the place for the door, took my equipments out and started to work. 
The job wasn't easy and took a very long time to finish.
If you didn't know already I'll tell you now...
A tiny drill and even tinier saw are NOT the right equipment for this kind of work!
But in the end and many 'beautiful words' later I got the door to this state.
Well, there is still a lot to do before the flower shop's grand opening.
But I have a long winter coming..;D
Then, what comes to my 1:1 project;
which is organizing our storage.
I don't want to show you any photos from there
but I promise if I ever get ready with it I will make a whole post about it!
This storage may or may not be the biggest project I have ever had. ;D

Any way, who wants to think about the stupid storage 
when the sun is finally shining outside!?


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  1. The tiny house will be very sweet. Making a flower shop is really wonderful work. It's so nice working with plants and flowers. Yes, getting things in order in the storage department, is something nobody likes to do. It's difficult to craft and be tidy at the same time.

    Hugs, Drora

  2. Ohh- the little stove fits perfect! How cute that house is going to be- and I am excited to watch you build your flower shop. I have a flower shop dollhouse and I love to see how other's make theirs :) Have a wonderful holiday ♥

  3. Tu tienda de flores va a quedar genial, me encantan los avances que vas haciendo.
    besitos ascension

  4. Hi Piikko,
    Your 1:48th scale house is adorable, you have made such wonderful progress with the kit!! The cooker looks so perfect in it. The pink house is also lovely and I'm glad you found a way to make the hole for the door :)
    Good luck organising your storage and enjoy the sunshine :)
    vicky xxx

  5. Hi! May I also add that cutting windows in with only a crafters knife is also not recommendable (that´s how I do it, lol). Your little house is going to be so cute, I love how the little stove fits in! And your flower shop is a wonderful project! Will be nice making flowers during the winter months ...(for the next years,haha!) Hugs, Sandra

  6. Piikko your little house is adorable I love the stove. I am looking forward to seeing your flower shop wonderful project. Have a wonderful holiday.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Your projects are looking great, Piikko! What a fun thing to do on holiday. The flower shop is going to be really fun!!! Have a great weekend! xo Jennifer

  8. ÖÖÖÖ Pero que preciosa!!!!!! Me gusta muchísimo Piikko ♥
    Un besito

  9. Your little house looks fantsic. I like the stove!

  10. How busy you are with your miniatures! I can't wait to see your tiny house finished, Catherine's cooker is so perfect in it.
    What a good idea to have a florist in your pink house, this way you will be able to display your flowers and to make more. Well, I can see that we have the same kind of equipment, I thought of starting on working on my dollhouse, but I'd better wait for my companion to do it...

  11. ¡Que cosas más bonitas haces Piikko!, esa casita a escala 1:48 te va a quedar preciosa y con esa cocinita, tendré que ir entrando por aquí para ver cómo progresa.


  12. what a nice mini house! the kitchen is perfect! Finally I can see a little of your pink house! ¨ I am glad you have so much to do ... kisses


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