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WELCOME to Söpökatu!
DIARY: A day of 'henna'

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 I wish you all very welcome to my blog Söpökatu!
Blogging has became a very dear hobby to me. 
Making post is a bit like writing diary
 but same time I can share my interest with you.
I feel it is really fun and it gives me a lot. 
I also enjoy to know you are there...
somewhere..anywhere.. around the world
with me!
So your visits and comments are making me really happy.
I just love to see You around!
I hope that my posts had and will have  something nice to give to you.
I hope you enjoy your visits and  will leave my page in a happy mood.
Now,  I tell you one more story from our holiday in Morocco.
And here we go....
This is an 'henna artist' at her work. 
Does henna works? 

Is it giving us what it has promised 
to women for thousand of years? 
Is it giving us love and
Yes! Yes it works!
See their smiling happy faces!
And there was no doubt about power of henna!
We had a lovely time together while getting our hands decorated.
There was a lot of joy and laugh around us that day. 
Now, weeks after those days in Morocco 
we have sweet memories to cherish in our hearts.
Henna have kept it's promise!
It gave us happiness,
and now I want to give you all  some
luck and  healthy and wealthy 

with a Moroccan henna 
and I wish you all
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14 kommenttia:

  1. Oioioi miten kaunista jälkeä! :D

  2. Che belli quei disegni sulle mani...Buona giornata anche a te!

  3. What a lovely post Piikko!!
    I always enjoy my visits to your blog and leave in a happy mood :0)
    The henna looks fantastic, I would love to have my hands painted. Thanks for sharing.
    vicky xxxx

  4. Hello Piikko Your henna flowers are beautiful. Its always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Your Henna tattoos look beautiful. Your blog always makes me smile. =)

  6. So beautiful! 3 years ago my pupils from Morocco made henna draws on my arms so beautiful like yours! A big hug and happy easter!

  7. Привет PIIKKO!
    Это замечательно, что через ваш блок можно увидеть кусочек Морокко!
    Прекрасное искусство - тату хной. Очень украшает руки. И милому котенку тоже нравится эта красота!
    Мои объятья, Татьяна

  8. Thank you girls for your heart warming words!♥
    -These henna tattoos have already disappeared from our hands.
    But that day won't disappear from our minds. :)
    There are a lot of 'real' henna painters in Morocco and an other countries too. Our henna tattoos was made by the 13 year old girl, Soukeina. You can see her in the photo with my daughter.
    The little kitten also got henna on her paws. :)
    I thank you all for your comments!♥

  9. Kiitos Piikko tervetulotoivotuksista, tiedän että tulen viihtymään Söpökadulla loistavasti :) Hennatatuoinnit ovat uskomattoman kauniit!

  10. Hi piikko, what a sweet post,I always enjoy my visits to your blog and it makes me feel good to read all of your beautiful stories with all the lovely pictures :)
    The henna looks fantastic,thank you for all the good wishes !
    I also wish you a very happy week .

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  11. Love to follow your blog! The henna looks beautiful. A happy day to you too.

  12. Mi piacciono molto i tatuaggi all'hennè del Marocco!

  13. Me encantan esos tatuajes de henna, son preciosos.
    besitos ascension

  14. I love henna painting :) and wish I can do it :). Morocco is a place I definitely want to visit one day.


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