keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2011

The autumn rains
Syksyn sateita

It is autumn. 
Today was a very rainy day.
Yesterday we had a little bit of sun but mostly it was raining. 
A day before yesterday, hmmm...let me think.. oh yes, it was raining! 
But on last Sunday and Saturday we were lucky. 
It was weekend, two days off and the sun was shining!
During those rainy days I have been making some minis. 
I'm making them for swaps so I can't show them to you yet.
Instead I'll show you some photos I took 
when I went for a walk with my daughter last Saturday.
At first we walked to the bridge
which, I think, is one of the landmarks of our town.
Quite a pretty view, don't you think?
Then we walked to the Harvest market to other side of the bridge.
We were just looking around, not intended to buy anything.
Then I saw these dried flowers and remembered
Sans story about kurinji flowers which are blooming every 12 years.
With a bit of imagination these could be those amazing flowers.
So I bought a little bunch and brought them home.
We had one thing on our minds when we left for a walk to the market.
And here they are! These creps are made by my maid Tarja.
Believe me, these creps with strawberry jam and
cream on them were so delicious!!!
My daughter loves fresh peas. 
When she saw them at the market she wanted them immediately.
Of course her mother had to buy some for her little one.;D 
On the way back home we stopped on the bridge and ate them all.
It was a nice walk and a beautiful day.
I wonder what this girl is thinking when she is watching to the lake. 
Maybe she is dreaming of skating on... Oh No, not yet!!!
Well, I'm sure she is thinking what a lovely day we had together♥

By the way...It is raining outside...a lot!

Warm autumn greetings to everybody!

13 kommenttia:

  1. Wonderful views, wonderful day, wonderful pictures and, the best of all, wonderful girl with a fantastic loving mother :-)
    Paljon halauksia

  2. Beautiful picture, and beautiful daugter.

  3. What a Lovely way to enjoy the Sunny Weekend! We are still having mostly Rain here too.... don't NEED any more rain right now!
    The crepes look delicious and your daughter looks Sweet too!
    I can't wait to see the Kurinji flowers you make with those blooms..... what a Beautiful Color!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful. The crepes look yummy :) Great idea for the flowers. Your daughter is very beautiful. What a lovely way to spend time with her enjoy they grow up so fast.:) Hugs Maria

  5. Your daughter is very beautiful and so are your photos. We call these flowers Imortal flowers here. I love their color which doesn't fade for a long time.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  7. Dearest , dear Piiko. I am smiling from ear to ear now. I must tell you I was felling a little down today having just found out that a dear blog friend's husband passed away so suddenly only a fortnight ago. It is not surprising that I found my solace in blog land. It is friends like you who brings meaning to my writing.

    The statice or sea lavender that you bought were indeed the flowers I used for my kurinji flowers. They are very very effective for dollhouses. Preserve them with spray "Preserve It" if you have them but these pretty purple may turn green. It's quite a nice green if you don't mind.If you spray them with hairspray, they will stay perky for very long and mine did not change colour. Try the spray on just a small portion first and see if you like them. Mine has survived for more than 1 year already and still looks good.

  8. Que preciosas fotografias.
    Y que guapisima es tu hija, gracias por compartir.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  9. It was a great day for you and your daughter! I love creeps, mmmmm!! I wish you a nice week but it's raining a lot! hugs

  10. Thank you to YOU ALL for the compliments. My daughter is sending her love to you. :)
    We really had a lovely day together.

    Thank you DRORA, for giving a name to my dried flowers. When I bought them I was so excited I forget to ask. I was just thinking of Kurinji flowers.:D
    Thank you SANS for your advices. I'll plant my Kurinjis and when they bloom I'll show you. With my speed I hope that it will happen before 12 years are gone. ;))))
    Autumn greetings!
    By the way...It is lovely sunshine outside! Ü
    Hugs, piikko

  11. Piikko♥ ¡Que fotos más bonitas!!!
    Y tu hija es preciosa!!!
    Un besito

  12. I always enjoy hearing from you, Piikko! What a lovely day--and what LOVELY crepes! :-)

  13. Flor: ¡Muchas gracias!♥! Muchos besos!!!

    Jennifer: And I always enjoy hearing from you!!Ü Hugs!


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