sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

I am the happy winner Ü

What a luck I had!!!
M Carmen had 'Sorteo' on her blog Mini Shabby
Because her works are so beautiful
there were so many participants in the draw. 
We all wanted to win the prize. 
At that time I participated in the draw only to Carmen,
 and YES, my name was picked up!
What a luck I had!!!
Last Thursday The package arrived.
And look what came out from the box!
Tilda Garden girl!♥
And all these adorable things!!!♥♥♥
I already know place to them at Rauha's new home.
Here are the Garden girls enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Carmen, thank you so much of these lovely gifts!!!♥
I greet you with these flowers of my garden.
Carmen, muchas gracias de estos dones encantadores!
Os saludo con estas flores de mi jardín.
Besos, piikko

I also want to greet all my followers and tell that we have had huge problems with our internet connection. Last two weeks it hasn't been working propably. So, I wasn't able to update my blog, send comments or anything:( Next week we'll get a new connection and I hope it'll work better.
Greetings, piikko

Terkkuja myös kaikille lukijoilleni. Viimeisen kahden viikon aikana nettiyhteytemme on ollut ns. ihan pilalla. niinpä en ole pystynyt laittamaan uusia postauksia, kommentoimaan tai siis yhtään mitään netissä:( Ensi viikolla saamme uuden yhteyden, toivottavasti se toimii paremmin.
Terkkuja, piikko

18 kommenttia:

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful win. Lucky you they are gorgeous.Love the tilda Hugs Maria

  2. felicitaciones por tan lindo regalos!!!! son preciosos!!

  3. Congratulations! your prize is very beautiful. Hugs

  4. You are really LUCKY! Those are glorious gifts! But my heart melts at the sight of the little garden Tilda.

  5. Congratulations piikko!!! are wonderful gifts!! You will try to change Iexplorer for another, google chrome, mozilla, etc... try! I hope your pc problems finish! hugs

  6. What beautiful miniatures! I love the mini Tilda girl, your girls must be over the moon...
    By the way while in glasgow I bought two Tilda books.

  7. Congratulation, the items are perfect for you dolls.

  8. I love all your gifts also- but the cutest thing ever is the little garden Tilda- soooo sweet!!!

  9. Taidat olla oikea onnentyttö! Ihanan paketin olet saanut.

  10. Congratulations, Piikko! What lovely prizes you won! Everything looks perfect! I can't wait to see your gifts wherever you place them. Enjoy!

  11. Vau, mikä palkinto! Uskomaton tuo Tilda! On muuten ihana tämä blogisi tausta... :)

  12. Enhorabuena Piikko, son unos preciosos regalos.
    besitos ascension

  13. Piikko!!! ¡Pero que regalos!!! ¡Wow!
    Me encantan!!!!
    Un besito

  14. Nämä arpajaisvoitot olivat ihania! Laittelin sulle muuten tänään pari sähköpostia ... toivottavasti nettiyhteydet pelaa.

  15. HI Pikko, such nice Tilda girl... we are in the mood of Tilda here as well we have seen books, sewing box (I have bought for myself), buttons, rubbons, fabrics... etc in a nice shop in Putten closed to our place, but I am looking for the apple template now!!! such nice gifts lucky you! doei, claude

  16. Thank you to you all for your lovely comments! I'm very happy to have all these pretty things what Carmen sent me. Carmen is so talented miniaturist and her works are very beautiful.
    I'm enjoying!:)
    PAKY: Gracias, for your advice! Our problem was that we and our neighbourhood did not have any connection at all. Yes, and we are living in the country of Nokia.....:/
    CLAUDE: I think that I have the apple template. I can look for you during this week.

  17. Huomasin minäkin viiveellä, että olet saanut TODELLA upeat palkinnot. Tuon Puutarha-Tildan haluaisin mielelläni minäkin. Paljon onnea voittosi johdosta:)!

  18. Congratulations!! You are so lucky with all these wonderful gifts :-)

    Hugs Jollie


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