torstai 21. heinäkuuta 2011

I have a dream...

...I wish I was a doll maker and a Fimo artist!
I admire people who can create realistic character from a clump of dough. I'm  also amazed by artists who can create anything they want with Fimo. Having their imagination as the only limit.
I would love be an atrist like them!!!
I have been dreaming about this since my children were little.
I was thinking they were so cute (YesYes, I may say, I'm their mother:) that I would like to have them as doll characters.
Well, end of this month my daughter will celebrate her 18th birthday.
I still keep dreaming of making those little dolls.
I have already started practising sculpting....
 I think I'm almost there!
Or what do you think?

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  1. Oh!!!, te han quedado perfectos, son deliciosos. Pero creo que tu niña ya no querrá jugar en el baño. ja ja ja. Besos.

  2. Los patitos son preciosos. Para ser lo primero te han quedado muy bien :-)
    He visto que te hiciste seguidora de mi blog, pero he abierto uno nuevo y el otro lo voy a cerrar. El nuevo es
    Felicidades por esos dos niños tan guapos... aunque ya hayan crecido :-)
    Un beso

  3. Your models are perfect for fimo dolls! :D
    For now, the ducks are super cute.

  4. There is no doubt Piiko that you are going to be great with clay. Those ducks are adorable. Do you know we use to have an annual duck race with these ducks.

  5. Piikko, you're not the only one who would like to be able to make dolls. I tried but I'm not good at all and won't try again.
    Your children are very cute.
    Your ducks are very good, you should keep on sculpting.
    I hope you will try making dolls.

  6. I think that if you have had this dream since your children were small and your daughter is now 18 then it is a dream that is not going to go away- and you know what?? A dream with that much longing behind it has got to come true!!! Your ducks are adorable and I think if you keep at it you are going to be creating dolls in no time. Don't give up Pikko-you can do it!!! There is a doll artist just waiting inside of you :)

    PS- Your children are sooo sweet!!

  7. Te han quedado geniales, me encantan!!!
    Pero que niños tan preciosos, seguro que te parecera mentira que ya cumpla 18 años tu hija jeeje
    besitos ascension

  8. Piikko, Your rubber duckies are adorable! You are so very creative! They look very realistic. Were they fun to make? I heard from several people that fimo takes a lot of practice. No problem! Someday soon you will make beautiful likenesses of your children. I want to be the first to see them, OK? :-)

  9. This time, I have to thank you for your very beautiful and especially for your encouragement words.
    Let me tell you, that yes, I have a dream of those little dolls. However, I am already old enough to understand that there are things to dream and to get them. Then there are other things to dream and to understand that there may be some limitations.;) My dream to become an Fimo artistis is limited to those little yellow ducks.:D
    And if I want to have my children as dolls figures I have to wait and dream that someone else would do them.
    Maybe someday in the future, my 'little ones' will bring me their own little ones as their own character....♥
    for your comments!!!!!!
    Ü piikko


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