sunnuntai 26. joulukuuta 2010


Caterina, thank you for giving us so lot of fun by organized this International X-mas Swap!
Here are my swap gifts to Lia,
and greetings to Italy!

The girls had a workshop.
At the workshop they made the traditional finnish straw mobiles.
Here is the tutorial for Himmeli.
Click the picture to make it bigger.
For one small square you need 12*1cm straws.
For the big square straws are 2.5cm.
You also need a long thin needle and a thin thread.
I picked these straws behind these birch trees
just before the snow came last autumn.

 Autumn time at the cottage I also found some...
Halloween witches cooking their soups in the woods. Yummy!
There was one more thing to make for this swap,
present for a  child.
Without the necessary tools and skills
I wanted to make a rocking horse.
Let me tell you why: When I was young, just a little while ago,
I worked at a factory of wooden toys.
My job was to make parts for the rocking horses.
This factory is still working in my home town
and I think that most Finns recognize its products.
This is the picture of my own horse.
The pic of the child's horse for the swap
you can find from the first picture of this post.
There is the snowman wishing happy new year to all of you too!

Lia, I made my own version of rocking horse for you.
In Finland things are often simple and plain,
but you can decorate your horse if you wish.
I hope you like the things I've made for you!
Greetings, piikko

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  1. Wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas!! hugs

  2. I think what you made are breathtakingly amazing! You lead such an interesting life, having worked in a wooden toy factory! No wonder your minis are so great!

  3. ti ringrazio ancora per i bellissimi regali, sei stata veramento loto generosa.


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