torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

Lintupönttö Näyttely - Birdhouse Exhibition

 Last Saturday, I visited my sister. We had thought of doing a few birdhouses. Well, first  we had a few cups of coffee because we had to do plans. Then we looked at blogs and admired the beautiful birdhouses that many of you have done. Then we planned a bit more. In this time we got hungry and we had to eat.
After the meal, we looked 
materials for houses: timber battens, cardboard, glue, scissors, paints, etc.
Fortunately, we had the most important equipment...
Who can do..
... the hard work!
 And ensures the quality of work!

Day had turned to evening and  we had another cups of coffee.
But eventually we had a few birdhouses ready. Me, my sister and her nine-year-old son had a very nice day.
We are quite satisfied with the results of our work.

 Do you like?

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  1. By golly, you made lots of birdhouses, all that coffee must have made you both hyperactive. Well done!

  2. Piiko, what a great day it must have been. I love all your birdhouses and the ones with the little yard is so cute! They are all very well done :).

    I too spent my Sunday sitting down with my sis working on a crib. We haven't done a lot of that, working together like this. Chatting while working about dollhouses, non stressful things for a long long time. It was a moment to treasure.

  3. Oi miten hienoja!
    Taisi olla tosi hauska päivä, ihania kuvia.


  4. I like very much your birdhouses, the tree of you did a great job. It must be fun to make miniatures withe your sisiter and nephew.

  5. Tosi kivan näköisiä.Tuo "kirkkomainen" on ehdoton suosikkini.

  6. They are all so wonderful!!! I LOVE the ones with 5 holes- what a great day you must have had!!! A very talented "The Man" doing the important work for you too :)

  7. Yes, we had a very nice day together. Eetu was really excited of doing these birdhouses and he helped us a lot with sawing. He has also made a birdhouse in a real scale!

  8. Yes - like them! :-)
    Tosi hienoja!

  9. Yes, I like them, they are very nice !

  10. wonderful!!
    hello! Do not forget to send me, via email, pictures of your swap Christmas "!

  11. Me encanta las pajareras,me tienen loca,felicidades.Intentare hacer alguna.

  12. Sono veramente belle, e il vostro "aiutante" è bravissimo :o)


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