sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

My new kitchen ware etc...

I had seen this cooker and microwave oven before
on Maria Jose's blog and I admire them already.
When I saw them at the dollshouse market I couldn't resist!
They've sounds, lights and everything!!!
I didn't try the oven yet but I'm sure it will bake delicious buns;D

I also bought some dishes for salads, ice cream and fruits...

And here are my new fridge and freezer ready for you to see.
Tutorial for fridge is from Maria. Kiitos Maria tästäkin ohjeesta♥!

The most difficult part was to found a dummy box to make the fridge. Also the very difficult  part was to choose the color.
There are too many choises at the world!
For the freezer I had to buy chewing gums. I don't even like bubblegums but I had to get the box!:D
I am not sure of the scales or styles of my new kitchen ware. But I'll make them fit to my kitchen...when I get it started...yes, yes, the house is under work... I can already see it under my eyelids;D

Well, at the moment there is not even the light inside the fridge. But in  the freezer....of course there are plenty of moose meat, mushrooms, salmons and other precious fishes, there are strawberries, cloudberries.....

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  1. Un trabajo perfecto¡¡¡ Enhorabuena¡¡¡

  2. onneksi olkoon uusille kodinkoneille:) Ihanat jääkaappi ja pakastin!

  3. Your kitchen is going to be great. I love your cooker and microwave oven, I understand why you couldn't resist. You did a great job with the fridge and the freezer. You made me laugh with your story about bubblegum. Gorgeous dishes too.

  4. La cocina es maravillosa.
    Has hecho un gran trabajo con el congelador.
    besitos ascension

  5. Jääkaapista ja pakastimestahan tuli upeita!!

  6. I am really impressed, Piiko! The fridges are amazing and so like the old GE I had . You painted the chewing gum boxes? Perfect!! I hope you will show us when you fix lights in the fridge :). Maybe you can make it cold too? hehe

  7. Enhorabuena por tus compras y por ese congelador,te a quedado muy bien !

  8. Piikko ¡Me encanta!
    Un beso

  9. Fantastic kitchen goods - the little oven is adorable and you did a great job with the fridge and freezer! Can't wait to see your house. Carol :)

  10. hey! Piikko! This kitchen is equipped announces super! ah ah! I too have seen pictures of Maria Jose, and I'm very envious! I did not find anything in the market, because here in my country ... no there is not even the market! :(
    your bowls are very nice, I guess I see your freezer full of very good things! ha ha!

    I am organizing a new international swap, you would like to participate? Come read my blog and vote for your favorite theme for the swap!
    I'm waiting for you!
    Kisses, Caterina

  11. Te ha quedado genial el congelador,felicidades.
    Besos Rosa

  12. Estpendos electrodomesticos que por lo buenos que parecen tendrán una garantia de muchos años.
    Un abrazo


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