maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014

Mie romahan... I'll crumble...

Voi apua,
mitä sitä tuleekaan mieleen tuolla raikkaassa ulkoilmassa lenkkeilessä!
En tiiä kehtaanks mie eis kertoo...
No hitoksee, kerron kuitenkin:
Täs mie nyt oon!
Älkää kertoko miun Ukolle, mutta kyllä mie ton Jussi Vatasen ottasin.
Mie romahan,
Mie romahan,
mie romahan, 
mie romahan!!!
 Tai sitte en.
AntskuBantskulle terkkuja!
Mutta mää taijan sittenkin pysyä Rauhana.
(Minä vähän kyllä romahin, 
kun hokasin villapaita, villasukka, nuttura, suttura yhteneväisyydet.)

To my non Finnish  readers:
I think this time even Google translator won't help
to understand what this post is all about.
This is about a Finnish TV-comedy called PUTOUS
The idea of the show is that
the actors create a comedy character for themselves. 
Every week one character is voted out by the watchers
until there's the winner left.  
Characters always have one or two simple catch phrases such as...
I'll crumble! So damn much! I don't know if I bear to tell!

Last year the winner was Jussi Vatanen with his character
This year he won again with a new creation
Antsku is an ordinary young woman from the little town of Imatra.
 She speaks a local dialect.
Her best friend is Maikku. Antsku is in love with her Hubby.
But... she doubts her Hubby is cheating her with someone. (Maikku?)
 Hubby is often missing. Antsku tries her everything to get Hubby's attention.
She cooks Hubby's favorites and buys 'laces' from H&M etc...
After all...
 I watched only two episodes of the show
and I know all characters and their phrases.
It is impossible to avoid Putous whilst is going on the telly.
Now a few weeks after the last episode people don't 'crumble' so often any more.
But I did...
when I realized that my Rauha looks a bit like Antsku!
Or what do you say?
 And remember...
'You have the right to have your own feelings!'
'Siul on oikeus siu omii tunteisii!'

Sulla on oikeus sun omiin tunteisiis!  

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  1. They do look alike! Sounds like a fun show. I thought only the US had crazy tv :-)

  2. HAHA, you're right, Piikko, she looks just like and that is why she is her look-alike :D! Coincidentally I just wrote a blog post about a look-alike too ;)! It is great fun to read your blog post and I think you have explained it very clear and well, I personally did not need the Google translator :D LOL!! I think your comedy serie is more then hilarious :D!
    So keep on laughing ;) this whole week, they say: that it keeps you young!
    Hugs and a big smile from me, Ilona

  3. Thank you so much for the English translation and explanation, Piikko. This TV show sounds very interesting, and Rauha certainly does look like Antsku! Very funny! xo Jennifer

  4. Älä romaha! Antskuhan se on, ihan hitokseen.

  5. Se parece mucho y es de lo más simpática,me encanta!!!!!

  6. vous avez réalisé un personnage bien sympathique, j'aime

  7. ¡Pues sí que se parece Rauha a Antsku! La serie de TV tiene que ser muy divertida y tú te habrás divertido mucho más al tener a Rauha y ver el parecido ÜÜÜÜÜ

  8. Hämmästyttävä yhdennäköisyys :)

  9. Aivan mahtava. Sun pitää laittaa tästä kuva Antskun FB-sivulle joku mitta kuvassa mukana. =)

  10. Google Translate is not always with me, not today and I do not know the TV show, but it sounds like a fine show.

  11. She could be her twin :))) Rauha looks great in her clothes. I don't know this show but it sounds like fun.
    Hugs Maria

  12. Ha ha ha, you are so right! The TV show sounds fun.

  13. Your doll does look like the character. LOL! That must be a fun show to watch. Maybe someday it will come over the the USA. Your doll is a cutie pie!


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