lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2011

The gifted Mini world!

If I ever knew what a wonderful place The Mini world is
I would have stepped in years ago!
In a less than two years ago I made my first minis and created Söpökatu.
I had not clear idea about blogging.
I just thought to save things I like or photos of my hobbies.  
I gave my blog link to my family and my friends with a big fuzz.
I was so proud of myself because even without
so much of a computer skills I could make posts.
In that part I thank all who have helped 
(and still do) me with blogging questions!

It didn't ever come to mind what this huge mini world could give me.
Of course it gave me ideas, tutors and joy of minis.
But it also took me to the places I have dreamt of 
or the places I've never heard.
It showed me beautiful gardens.
It showed happiness of the children and happiness of the parents.
And it gave me an opportunity to learn 
how is life in the other side of the world.
It let me know people 
from Tornio to Tenerife and  from Jalisco to Singapore.
And all between that!!!


And a amazing things happened....
As you might know about my previous post I had my birthday last month.
In last weeks I deserved so many lovely gifts. Thank You all!

But now I tell you something what could happened only in The Mini world.
Just a day before my birthday 
Maru from Sevilla sent me a quite a present.



Maru said that I look happy in the picture.
C'mon! What do you think!? ÜÜ
This young man is every mother's dream of a son-in-law.

Hola Victor!  Que tal?
Maru did not send only her son.
She also sent me an other 'little' present.
Now, take a nice cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy with me...

Flowers on Maru's flower table.
Laces, yarns, fabrics. And some more beautiful fabrics!

Lanterns, mirror, vases. Pearls and stickers. House.
And so much more!
Bed linen. Pillowcase and sheets. 
Of course with real elastics at the corners!
Here you can see the x-mas tree and the little belen. 
There are also Maru's x-mas decorations. 
You can find tutoriales for granny and wreath from 

 Thank you so much of these lovely presents 
and for being my dear blog friend!

It was so nice to meet you!
I wish all the best to your life.

Greetings and hugs to everybody who is living with me
in our common world!
Special hug to today's birthday girl Maru !

18 kommenttia:

  1. Maru is a wonderful person, as her son and You, enjoy your gits!
    A hug

  2. WOW! Wonderful Gifts! AND her SON!!!!
    Amazing! This world is SO AMAZING! And her son is very handsome too!
    Happy (late) Birthday!

  3. Hi Piikko! Wow! Maru is such a sweet person! Congratulations on ALL of your gifts! It is so nice to see a picture of you too! Now I feel like I know you better! :-)

  4. Oh my! Best gift ever, that son :):). Piiko, yesterday when I lost my blog for a while, my 1st thought was of course that I had lost all my records etc. Strangely, I didn't think that I had lost my friends. In fact, I was thinking if I really lose my blog, I will log in under another account name and go through my email lists to contact each of you and cry on your shoulders :).

    I may not be able to start again writing another blog but I think I will always keep the friends I have made here.

    Maru has given me some wonderful ideas with gifts when I visit blog friends :).

    I hope you will visit me someday or I you :)

  5. Congratulations for all these beautiful gifts, handsome Victor included. Maru is very talented and generous. I am sure you had a wonderful birthday and send you my belated good wishes.

  6. felicidades por tan hermosos regalos!

  7. Wonderful! I so agree with you about the world of minis.

    You have got wonderful presents, Lucky You!

  9. Me alegro que desde España a traves de su hijo hayas recibido esos preciosos regalos de Maru, es un cielo de persona.
    besitos ascension

  10. Congratulations on all those wonderful gifts Maru is a beautiful person.Very handsome son :D Its wonderful to see a picture of you. I agree with you about this mini world. So many beautiful here.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Kiitos, Piikko!!! Victor had nice days in Finland and you know he wants to go there again. Thank you so much for being so nice my son. I hope you enjoy these things making minis, or tildas or what you want Ü
    Also thanks for all the comments about Víctor, I'm a proud mummy :-)
    A lot of big hugs from Victor and me.

  12. Kiitos-kiitos synttäriyllätyksestä. Oli just sellanen josta tykkään. :-Da

  13. Congratulations Piikko!! You're so lucky!! Maru has sent you a most precious gifts, and the opportunity to meet her son! you are very pretty in the picture! A big hug!!

  14. Realmente es una suerte conocer a Maru, yo tengo el placer de conocerla, y se lo generosa que es.
    Su hijo es un hombre guapisimo ¡¡¡
    Y tu Pirko tienes cara de buena persona¡¡¡
    Un beso grande

  15. Wow Piikko, your gifts are all so wonderful! Have fun with them! =)

  16. ♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥Ü♥


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