sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

Spring greetings and Welcomes!

Last Friday on 15th of April I looked out from my window and
saw something amazing! The first flower of this spring!
I checked my posts from last spring and I found out that the first flower showed up about the same time last year. I showed the photo to you on 13th of April and there was one comment left to me. The comment is from  I realised that one year has gone around and many things have happened in the world and to me. What a heart warming feeling that I've got to know that there have been people from close and around the world sharing a little bit of  life with me during the last four seasons
I want to dedicate this first spring flower to Ascensión
and all the other followers and friends
who have been part of my life all last year

The springtime is magical. Everything is happening so fast.
On Friday I found the first flower and on Saturday...!
With these flowers I want to WELCOME my new followers!
Thank you all for visiting my blog. 
I hope you'll enjoy and find things you like.
Thanks for your kind comments that many of you have left. 


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Warm spring regards 
with love, 

6 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Pikko, thaks a lot for this warm welcome with theses really nice pictures, my garden is full of new flowers as well and I can say I am also in the spring mood:)))) Enjoy, Doei, claude

  2. I love your pictures of Spring and thanks to blogging, how they record the happenings of each new season and each new friendships :).

    Sometimes when I look back at when I started and who was there when i took my 1st step in this journey, I too experience a wave of nostalgia. :)

    I am glad I am here now in your second season of Spring, Piiko :)

  3. Spring has really arrived in your country. You must be even happier than I am when you see the first flowers, winter is so long for you.
    Best wishes and I enjoy spring.

  4. Happy Spring Pikko!!!! Beautiful little crocus in your yard :)

  5. Me encanta volver 1 año despues a ver tu precioso jardin y desearte una feliz primavera.
    Muchas gracias por dedicarme esas preciosas flores.
    Ha sido un placer visitarte y ver tus preciosos trabajos durante este año.
    besitos ascension

  6. Happy Springtime to all of you:D
    Thank you for being my blogfriends♥
    HUGS, piikko


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