sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Winter+Sport= The winter sports

Yesterday I had a real winter sports day. In the afternoon I was watching the match of the local football club. Conditions were very wintry. The previous night it was snowing and three hours before the start of the match the entire field was still covered with snow. Fifty volunteers shoveled snow from the field and the match was to begin on time! More pictures here.
Dear friends around the world, let me tell you some of my  thoughts about the finnish winter. I like the snow. It is beautiful and it makes the days brighter.
But when I'm leaving for work early in the morning and if I see my car covered in snow and ice I want to cry.
Can I do something about this?  Oh, yes I can!  Never mind how many  degrees below the temperature is (-10..-20..-30..) I can clean the snow and ice off  on my car and I drive to work!  And life goes on ... we go to work (it's dark outside) to the grocery store (it's dark outside) and come home(it's dark outside). Our children are playing in the snow, and even the little babies are takeing their naps outdoors. Ofcourse there are some people who likes winter, but I am certainly not one of them!  In the winter I enjoy most about being able to be inside a warm home. The whole winter I hope that spring would soon be back and I could enjoy a bright and beautiful finnish summer.
Fortunately, the winter has not yet been properly entered. The day is still bright and it is not too cold outside.
We really do have all the seasons here in the north!

Back to the football field...
Attendance was around 3500. 
We raised a red card against racism.
We drank coffee, my toes were frozen.
And the local team lost the match!

Yesterday I was watching the ice hockey game too.
 Nine and ten years old boys played inside the Ice Arena.
My sister's son was playing. I think he was the player of the game!
The boys already knew how to play ice hockey and they were skating so fast that it was difficult to get a good picture. The match was really exciting. Especially for mothers and Aunties:D

That was my day of winter sports.
Should I done something for myself? Even a walk?

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  1. I think it would be hard for me to experience such a winter and apparently a very long winter. When we have snow in Orléans, which is rare (apart from last year, it snowed several times) everything is a mess and stops.

  2. Pasaste un gran dia viendo deportes de invierno.
    Gracias por la fotos.
    Supongo que a todo se acostumbra uno, tu al frio de tu pais y yo al calor del mio en verano jejeje
    besitos ascension

  3. Piiko, we have a very romantic notion of winter here because my country is a tropical one but early this year when I was in Slovenia, the cold at night is so biting. I can understand you when you say you do not love winter .

    I love my sun and the heat and the sunburnt look :). I don't think I want to trade it for winter even though I look better in winter clothes.

    I think you are probably the most sports loving miniature lover I have ever met :):):). Do you play any?

  4. Se me hace difil entender vuestras condiciones meteorolicas pues aquí en Valencia (España)las temperaturas en pleno invierno son de +6º commo minimo.
    Tenemos mucha luz y casi todos los días sol.
    Comprendo que disfrutes tanto cuando llega el verano.
    Disfruta de ultimos rayos de sol.
    Besitos, May

  5. Life is life, LaLaaLaaLaLa!
    Maybe now you can understand why we northern people want to fly to your sunny countries in the winter!?:D
    Currently, the weather gadget on the left shows seven degrees and rain. That means the weather is WARM!

    Sans, I like to follow the sport. I love to look at when my son plays football, or when my daughter skates. But what comes to me in sport...well, I'm lazy! But I will, I promise I will, try to improve my manners!! In the meantime, I look at football, ice hockey, skating, skiing, ski jumping.... on TV;DDDDD


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