lauantai 19. kesäkuuta 2010

Holiday Swap 2010- Meli's destination

I will take Meli to the heart of Finland about 50 km away from my home
to the wiews of my childhood
my life so far.
The place is my mother's freetime cottage by the lake Päijänne.
My grandparents lived
   just near by the cottage.

     That makes this place very special to me.

     Here is a picture taken this morning.
     My mother took and sent them
     to my mobilephone.
    This is Meli's holiday destination
    nearly in real time.
    The pic taken by midnight
    is from last summer.

Welcome Meli!
I hope you will enjoy your holiday with my family!
As you can see we also have a beach..:D

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  1. Piikkiö is a wonderful place, it inspires peace and serenity!
    really it is midnight there?? incredible! how do you sleep with all that light?
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Thank you Caterina!
    You are right, there is really peace and quiet..until we go there:D

    You want to know how we sleep with the midnight sun?
    Well, first we go to bed and then we close our eyes:D:D
    Ok, some people have difficulties, they are closing curtains first and just after that their eyes;D
    Or maybe we stay awake and enjoy our lifes all night long:) because we know that when winter comes it might be we don't have any sun at all:(

  3. realmente tenéis un país maravilloso, con paisajes de cuento.
    un abrazo

    Really you have a wonderful country, with landscapes of story.
    An embrace

  4. Piikko,
    No me lo puedo creer!!!! Que lugar tan bonito, entrañable y tan acogedor!!! Sería la ilusión de mi vida!
    Te agradezco de todo corazón esas fotos tan precioas y el cariño que has puesto en la descripción de tu precioso país!!! El sol de medianoche siempre ha sido algo que he ha llamado mucho la atención.
    Un beso y muy buena semana,

  5. Thank you Caterine and Contar for your nice comments!

    Gracias Meli y bienvenida!
    Kisses! Besos!

  6. You are so lucky!!! It is stunning!

  7. This place seems very peaceful and very quiet.
    Thank for the photos.

  8. Thank you Sans and Elis!
    Tomorrow evening we'll set a bonfire for midsummer.... so, goodbye peace and quiet!


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