sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2015

-Syksyn touhuja
-Autumn works

I can't believe this,
we are going almost half way of October!
Autumn is turning into Winter and time flies faster than I can think. 
Well, that doesn't need much. :D
But anyway...
here are my latest 'news':
The past weeks I have worked with Edith's studio.
Of course under The Boss's guarding eye.
I glued floors 
and wallpapers.
I attached walls and floors with staple gun.
I got all parts into their places. 
It was easy!
Unfortunately this photo can not be enlarged, 
so you can not check what 'easy' means. ;)
But believe me!
Walls are all tidy and straight. 
They definitely are!!!
I also have spray painted the sink and the toilet. 
The parts were included to the apartment kit.
The sink and the toilet are originally made by Mrs Lindblom
She uses 3D technology, liquid plastics and laser cutting for her works.
This time the finishing touches were left for the flat builders.
So, I was painting and sanding. 
Painting and sanding. Painting and sanding....
At first I worked outside and then inside.
Ouf, what a smell this paint has!!!
Oh, I feel good! So good! So good! :D
   Finally the result was perfect. 
Well, I am not so sure.. perhaps.. 
But I feel GOOD!
Yesterday The sun was shining and I went outside to the real world.
I did some autumn gardening.
Last week we had some frosty nites. 
My dahlias were frozen (middle) and now I cut them down.
Later I'll take their roots to the cellar to wait for the spring.
Birch still have their leaves but soon they'll all fall.
During these sunny days it's hard to believe that 
there might be snow coming after a week or two.
Oh, my gosh! I don't even want to think about that!
Let's enjoy the Autumn colours today!

12 kommenttia:

  1. Her flat is going to be great I'm looking forward to seeing more. What a good idea to use a stapler.

  2. I like your new project. I'm curious to see more.

  3. Hyvä keksintö tuo niittipyssy. Hyvin sinulla edistyy -minun edellekin jo päässyt. WC -kalusteet pysyy vielä pussissa :)

  4. Hi Piikko! I'm glad that you've enjoyed so much of these last sunny days of fall and yes, I fully agree with you that time (automatically) flies ;)! Well, well, you've done a lot of work with your staple machine and indeed your walls look straight, I can see that clearly ;O! I can't wait to see more of your new miniature project.
    Here, in The Netherlands it's getting colder too, we even get some degrees frost at nights, but than our days will be sunny :D!!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  5. Hienosti edistyy :)
    Tuo pönttö ja lavuaari ovat niin hienoja.

  6. Hei! Usko tai älä, kyllä se ensilumi sataa jo viikon kuluttua tänäkin vuonna. Puutarhahommat pitäisi saada siihen mennessä tehtyä.
    Hyvin on asuntoprojektisi päässyt alkuun. Kiva nähdä sen edistyvän

  7. Funny, funny story about the paint. I shared it with my husband, and we both had a good laugh. It's always nice to hear from you, Piikko! xo Jennifer

  8. Estas progresando mucho,me gusta como todo encaja y va tomando forma,adelante con el proyecto que se adivina genial!!

  9. Dear Pirkko, What a great project this apartment is and you've already managed to do a successful lot. A very clever idea using the stapler. I wish you many more sunny days to enjoy this fall. Keep warm!
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Hienolta näyttää Edithin yksiössä, minä vasta tänään purin omani säilöstä mutta nyt se tuolla nököttää keittiön pöydällä alustavasti kasattuna =)

  11. It's all looking fantastic Piikko and what a clever idea to use the staple gun!! Your garden photos are lovely. I really hope the snow doesn't arrive too soon. We had our first frost this morning and it's starting to feel much colder.
    Love and hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  12. I love your apartment.You have got a lot done. Wow using a staple gun I would never have thought of that what a great idea. I am looking forward to seeing more. We are also having some nice bright days it is getting colder but as long as the rain stays away I don't mind lol.
    Hugs Maria


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