torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014


Jingle bells, jingle bells...
Here starts my X-mas calendar 2014.
Some of the gifts are still on their way. 
And some I have opened already.
A loooooong time ago 
sent me a thick envelope full of lovelies.
 I opened most of the packets immediately. 
But can you believe...
I left four packets to wait for December and the first days of my x-mas calendar.
This evening I opened the last packet
and I feel so spoiled.
Look at these:
At first, the Irish pub!
Isn't it irresistible?!
And it goes perfectly with my houses that I bought from London 30 years ago.
Maria also sent me a heart shaped bowl where I've set a tree.
Rauha have a new baking bowl and whisk now
and beautiful things for her relaxing moments.
Maria knows how to knit pretty dresses for babies. 
She knitted a purple dress for a baby girl. 
My new baby doll was very happy to have warm dress for winter. 
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the baby with her dress 
because she is a part of our Show.
Instead I show you the toys what Maria has made for the baby.
Fortunately I have an other photo from our Show
There you can see a blue jumper that Maria knitted for a little boy.
I think he look very handsome.
I also think that the boy fancies some candy. :)
All these things I have unwrapped from the tiny packets.
They all will find their place in my projects.
I already know that the little boy will love that rock collection.
 Maria, you are a treasure!
so much for your warm friendship and 
of course for these lovely gifts!

7 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, you have been spoiled with so many beautiful new minis. Enjoy them!

  2. What wonderful minis from Maria! She is so talented and such a thoughtful friend. Enjoy everything! xo Jennifer

  3. Yes, Maria is such a kind woman with a warm heart, Piikko, she has spoiled you so much with all these wonderful miniature :D! I think your little doll is very lucky for wearing his new sweater in the snow ;O! Enjoy it all :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Each December I love seeing your Christmas calendar.

  5. Thank you Piikko for you wonderful post. It makes me very happy that you liked my gifts enjoy :)
    Warm Hugs Maria

  6. Wonderful swap gifts! I saw yours on Maria's blog and I know you both must be very happy. What a nice way to celebrate friendship.
    Hugs. Drora


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