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It is time to announce the winner of my
  I thank you all for your lovely comments to my posts 
and for participating my draw.
I must admit that for Morocco I have some 'first hand knowledge' 
and that is why I wanted to tell you about my holiday.
I know there are stories of ice bears who are walking on the streets of Finland. 
There are also stories about changing girls to camels in Morocco. 
Well, I have seen an ice bear!    
Yes, in the zoo. ;D   
And I swear, nobody did not offer any camels for me...   
I wonder why!? ;DDDDD
We might have funny thoughts about places we don't know.
 Haven't we? Ü

I always really enjoy reading your holiday posts!  
  I hope you enjoyed my travel posts as I have enjoyed yours. 
Hopefully I could tell you something interesting 
and maybe something you did not know before about Morocco.

Now, back to the draw!!!
I promised to tell you the winner after my Sunday morning's coffee.
Now I have had my coffee 
and an other cup after the first.
I read the morning's paper 
and feed my turtle. 
I tidy up my kitchen
and watered my flowers
and then
I had an other cup of coffee.  
I spread my bones and 
then I made the draw!
now I will tell you that
1. Lotte 2.Tuikku 3.Ascension 4. Drora's minimundo 5. Iris 6.Eleonora 7.Mieke 8.Daydreamer  9. Vicky 10.miniacollection 11. Kia 12. Tiina :-) 13. Jollie 14. Maria Ireland 15. Maru  
16.Kikka 17. Tuija 18.Heidi 19. Heli K 20. Mona 21.eleonora 22. Heli  23.carmen  
24.Drora's minimundo 25. Heleena  26.Kia  27.Tarja 28. Mieke 29.Tiina   30.Daydreamer  31. La Belle Cuisine / ShabbyParis  32. malu2 33. minttumeirami 34. miniacollection   35.Anita 36. Vicky  37. Lotte 38.Hilsu 39.Gemma 40.Ascension 41.Heidi  42.El mundo de PADI 43.Heli K. 44.Sirkku 
 45. Mona 46. Drora's minimundo  47.Ascension 48. Maria Ireland 49. Heidi 50. Iris 51. Mare 52 Mieke 53.Maru  54.Eleonora  55.dale's dreams  56.Kia 57. Vicky 58.Kaisa 
59. Heli K. 
60.Daydreamer   61.SaMiRa73  62.Lotte 
64. Mona 65. Daydreamer 66. Kia 67. Vicky 68. Maria Ireland 69. Maru 70. miniacollection 71. Kikka 72. Drora 73. SaMiRa73 74. Sirkku 75. Mieke 76. Mona 77. Heidi 78.  Lotte 79.  Dinsku 
80. Ascension 81. Ulla 82. SaMiRa73 83. cockerina 84. malu2 85. Jorgelina 86. Kaisa 87. Heidi 88. Doortje 89. Taina 90. carmen 91. Francesca 92. Vicky 93. Eleonora 94. Drora 95. Tiina 96. NarinaNäpertää 97. Patrizia 98. Daydreamer 99. Mare 100. JohannaMaria 101. Ascension 102. Fabiola 103. Ana 104. Kia 105. luisa 106. Lotte 107. Bárbara Gutiérrez 108. miniacollection 109. Maria Ireland 110. NinniA 111. Kikka   112. Raija Maula 113. Maija 114. LeJenMiniature 115. Teija   116. Hissunkissun 117. Cote 118. Tatiana 119. Craftland 120. aristacrina  
121. Iris 122. Liliam 123. Indy_Poppy 124. iizu 125. elis 126. Stiina 127. El bichillo 128. Norma  
129. Eva-tatalamaru 130. Marjatta  131. Omenapuu  132. Gemma 133. ANTONIA  
134.Tanttaralla  135. Sans 136. Flor 137. PAKY 138. Lataina 139. MelyMel

Oh, I'm so happy to give my prize to you Geneviève. 
You have been following Söpökatu almost from the beginning.
I thank you for your visits and comments 
and being my dear blog friend.
Generator made an excellent choice!
Geneviève, would you please send your address to me
that I can send your prize to you.

 for participating my giveaway with your comments. 
I wish you'll visit me many times and very often in the future.
It is so lovely to have you all around.
About the drawing... This morning I had some difficulties. Just before the draw I noticed  that I have jumped on number 48. That is the reason, if you wonder why your drawing number is changed. And for an other cup of coffee...;D I also gave one draw to some followers who left their comment after the closing of the post or for some reason could not leave their comment to the right post. I wanted to have everybody in!
 -In my giveaway rules basic idea was to give some fun to all of my followers  and with the rules give more changes to those who are visiting my blog the most often. 
I must say again that probably this giveaway was the most exciting to me! ;D 
 I have enjoyed! I hope you enjoyed too! Ü

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  1. Congrats to Geneviéve! And thanks to you Piikko for giving us this lovely opportunity :-)...and don´t drink so much coffee, you won´t be able to sleep tonight :-)))))))
    Hugs, Sandra

  2. que suerte! felicidades a la ganadora!

  3. Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful prize Piikko!!! Congratulations to Genevieve.I'm sure she will cherish your prize and give it a wonderful home.
    I've really enjoyed following your diary posts and learning about Morocco, thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful things with us!!
    Vicky xxxx

  4. Congratulations to the very lucky winner. Thank you Piikko for the chance.

  5. Congratulations to Geneviéve, and thanks to you Piikko for giving us the change to win this beautiful give away and for getting to know a little bit more off the wonderful country Morocco :)
    Have a great Sunday !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Geneviève.
    Bye Faby

  7. Wooo!!! I'm a very lucky girl. Thank you so much Piikko for the giveaway and the travel diary. Thanks to it I have had the feeling of travelling with you. Your great giveaway will bring me to Morroco.
    I have to tell you an anecdote concerning the slippers. It will great fun to have them in miniature because a few years ago a friend brought me a pair (real size) from Morroco.

  8. Onnittelut Onnelliselle voittajalle :)

  9. Congrats to the lucky winner!! And thank you very much Piikko for your generosity!! A big hug!

  10. Congratulations to the very lucky winner. Thank you Piikko for the wonderful draw.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Gracías,por tu sorteo!! y para la ganadora felicidadeeeeees!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  12. it was great fun to follow your trip, it's as if I were coming along with you, now I know a little about Morocco, thanks!
    I think that Moroccans do not understand anything about women, you are very valuable, they should pay you with many camels! ah ah ah!
    congratulations to Genevieve, and thanks a lot for this original, "give away!
    a kiss, Caterina

  13. congratulations to Geneviève and thank you for the chance!

  14. Complimenti a Geneviève, è veramente fortunata! Grazie a te per l'opportunità!

  15. Congratulations to Genevieve! You are one lucky girl.

  16. Felicidades a Geneviève que se lleva un regalo precioso!!!!!

  17. Congrats to Genevieve! Lucky you. :)

  18. Congratulation to the winner. Thank you for the wonderful draw.
    Hugs from Craftland

  19. Onnittelut voittajalle hienosta palkinnosta :O)

  20. Hi Piikko! What a sweet blog giveaway! I missed my chance but hope to join your next one! I love your blog--it is so fun to see what you've created next! Congratulations to Genevieve!!! :-) Jennifer

  21. Congratz!!!

    And of course I will continue to visit you often :)

  22. Me da mucho gusto, que Geneviève fue la ganadora ¡Felicidades!!!!♥♥♥
    Un abrazo a las dos ( ;

  23. Enhorabuena a la ganadora y a ti gracias por darnos la oportunidad.
    besitos ascension

  24. Bravo to the winner and thanks a lot Pikko to have done a such nice travelling Moroccan give away! Your travel diary was absolute beautiful as well! see you soon, doei, claude

  25. KIITOS! GRACIAS! MERCI! THANK YOU all for your lovely words about my travel diary and giveaway! I'm happy and touched that so many of you came to visit and commented to my posts! Thank you so much!♥
    -I have sent the giveaway prize to Genevieve. I hope that she'll reserve the post soon. Let see what she says about it!?
    Excitement isn't over for me yet...;))))
    Hugs to all of you! Have a lovely weekend!


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