maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Attenzione ITALIA!!!

Ciao Italia!
You have my ♥darling daughter♥ visiting you at the moment.
She is attending a high school student exchange in Imola.
Tomorrow they are visiting Verona
and on wednesday they're going to Bologna.
She called me today and she sounded very happy.
I think she is having FUN!:D
I also think this is a huge experience
to (me and especially to her dad) her.

Italia, I gave my daughter to you for eight days.
Please, take good care of her and
let her learn new things and enjoy!
Promise?!? Thank you:D

My little darling Pämpylä here comes some greetings from home:D

Your  precious treasures are waiting for you!
Granny is sending her love to you from the cottage♥
Yesterday I went for a walk near our home and took some pictures. From the pics you can find your home, your schoolbus stop and  the bridge you love to ride by bike;D

GREETINGS to the host family and THANK YOU for takeing care of our treasure!
Terkkuja:D Suukkoja♥

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  1. Seguro que tu hija se lo esta pasando de maravilla.
    Es dificil dejarles volar jejeje
    La estaran cuidando mucho, estate tranquila.
    besitos ascension

  2. Será una experiencia que su hija nunca olvidará !

  3. Piikko hello, I saw the weather on Saturday in Bologna: rain in the afternoon, tell your daughter craft an umbrella!
    tomorrow in Verona, and until Saturday, the weather is beautiful, warm and sunny .... will make some beautiful pictures on the balcony of Juliet!
    if your daughter is in love, then it must leave a note under the balcony, Juliet will fulfill his wish .. ah ah!
    You remind her that she must lead from Verona to you, Pandoro! it is a sweet very good ...
    an affectionate hug, and do not worry: your treasure here in Italy is in good hands!
    kisses, Caterina

  4. Hi Piikko :o) I hope that your daghter enjoy her visit in Italy. Verona is a beautiful city. Today in Rome we had first rain and cold. But don't worry... Italy is beautiful and warm also in this season. Kisses

  5. Hallo Piikko, I think your daughter will appreciate at least the cooking. When it comes to the people...well, we do love have guests! and a Finnish girl will be surrounded by pretenders ;o) I wish she will be happy in my homeland. Rosanna

  6. Warm Welcome to your daughter to Italy!
    I hope she has time to visit the wonderful city!
    I think that who comes to Rome love this city forever!
    Best wishes to you and your daughter.

  7. Piiko. this is such a lovely way to share with your child :):) Italy made me fall in love with the whole of Europe. Your girl will love it!

  8. Thank you for your greetings and kind words. My daughter is haveing very good time in Italy and the everythig has gone well. She still has a few days left to enjoy the journey.
    I'm really happy for her:D Maybe we'll see some pictures of her trip later. I also believe that we are going to hear a lot of funny stories about everything what happened on the way. I think also that I want to travel to Italy myself because I have never been there! Thanks again to all of you who gave me the courage and promised to take care of my treasure♥
    with love, piikko

  9. No te preocupes. Se lo va a pasar fenomenal y esa es una experiencia inolvidable.
    La primera vez que se van, es la más dificil, pero es lo mejor para ellos.
    Desde mi experiencia con mis hijos, es una de las mejores cosas que podemos aportarles para su educación.
    Besitos, May

  10. Ella está feliz pues entonces tu tienes que estar tambien feliz.
    La echaras de menos, pero volverá muy rápido.
    Besos Clara

  11. Thank you all! :)
    I've spent very good time in Italy and this trip has been awesome! :D I wish we could stay here longer and with warmer weathers! It have been a bit cold here.
    But, sadly, today we're heading back to Finland. I can't wate to see the snow........ ;D


  12. Hiiii!
    I'm the girl that have hosted Nadia in Italy..
    I miss her!! She stayed here only few days.. But fortunatly we are going to met in April.. when i'll come to Finland! I hope that the weather will be a little bit hot.. ;D
    I hope that Nadia had a good time here in Italy and that she enjoyed the time.. and if u want.. U can all come here :D
    Our house is opened for u! :D
    The pictures seems great! :D
    Mes <3


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