torstai 19. elokuuta 2010


I found out that I have so many
new readers again♥
You are all very well come
and you are making me really happy☺
I hope you enjoy and be back soon!
Bienvenidas a mi blog!
Gracias por vuestra visita!
Espero que os guste!

Heleni, AnythingMiniature, Liberty Biberty,
Los collares de Esther, Clara, ANA ROSA., 

Jody, rute, Debbie and Victoria.
With these butterflies of my garden I want
to well come you all to Söpökatu!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Piikko,Thank you for your comment,I do not know if I understood well, you visited Spain?I hope you liked it !
    Congratulations for your followers,
    you will soon reach 100 !
    Greetings from Spain,

  2. Maria Jose,
    Thank you for your visit!
    You understood just right, I have visited Spain a few times, but unfortunately not this holiday.
    I had a short holidays in Barcelona, Malaga and Sevilla. I wish to be back to those beautiful places with more time.
    My last holiday to Spain was 18 months ago when my son was studying for two months at Escuela Finlandesa in Fuengirola. We spend a very nice christmas there♥

  3. Ihanat perhoset, noita kaikkia minäkin sain kamerallani kuvattua.
    Nyt on syksy jo vienyt ne mennessään :(

  4. Viimeisen kuvan perhonen on amiraaliperhonen.

  5. Niimpä, onko siinä iso nokkosperhonen, neitoperhonen ja amiraali.. kaikki tuttuja viime kesältä, eli menneeltä kesältä.


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